Thoughts/Changes to my Horse-Man!Chrom build

Since Sealed Falchion relies on his health being less than 100% I figured this build makes some kinda sense but idk…

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Give him a Lull instead of Guard
Chip damage + incombat damage = no good Guard
Even tho youve Aether it basically ■■■■■ you over out of Brazen and Falchion range


So is Luna or Ruptured Sky better? Also, even with Aether he stays in Falchion hp range because of the push 4

If you want a healing special then use Sol
Lower CD, lower heal
Helps so he can enable it more often and faster and can nearly never heal you out of Brazen range
A 5 CD special without special gain is kinda shit imo, but you do you I just say what comes up in my mind

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Oh don’t worry, I value other people’s input, otherwise I wouldn’t have even made the topic. I’ll consider Sol. I also foddered one of my many Duo Ephraims so he has Lull Atk/Def and HB4

Luna’s better on targets with high Def, ruptured sky is the same but on high Atk.

And I think the aether combo is good for the refreshing, but since he’s only hitting 41 Spd before the brazen, follow ups and more frequent activations are unlikely, so I’d go for a quicker special.

I’d also go for either DB3 or a brazen Atk seal. Yeah, he’s effective against dragons but you’d want to one shot them so his low Res is somewhat irrelevant and not worth patching up.

+21 Atk on initiation (7 push, 3 lull, 5 joint hone, 6 DB), make it +26 after getting below 100% Hp. And in this instance Draconic aura may actually do even more damage than Luna.

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Ooh ok I’ll try that build out too. Thanks!