Thoughts on Chrom build

I’ve had a +9 Chrom for a long time, and I want to finally finish him now. This is what I thought up, but I wanted opinions.

Next to an ally, he’ll get +9 to all stats allowing him to perform multiple functions such as dealing a lot of damage, tanking physical threats, and killing/tanking dragons. I’m hoping +Spd will help him double more reliably and that his healing and bulk will allow him to survive until Aether procs. My main uncertainty with the build is the B skill. I’m thinking either Guard or a Link skill. For the C skill, I’m thinking either Panic Ploy or Infantry Pulse depending on the team comp and mode. I had also thought about giving him Steady Breath but feel that maybe it would be better to save that skill for more tanky units like armors and dragons, but I don’t know.

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This build of yours is definitely potent, nothing quite like Omni-Bonds. I do feel his Spd is just a tad on the lower side, however. 42 Spd is great for avoiding doubles, applying them, not so much. Maybe replacing Atk/Def Bond A with Atk/Spd Bond would work better, as he has decent Def regardless. 47 Spd is much more reliable. If you’re going to run a Link in the B, using something like Swap rather than Reposition is good for getting him in range of the enemy. C seems about right, though you can never go wrong with Atk Smoke for boosting his bulk.


@LadyLuna,first of all

2nd,I really like it,since it gives him a way to get a +9 in everything staying next to an ally,and if you guve him WoM/ER,it will become an unstoppable bonds machine
also,Infantry pulse would work alot with his team

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I have been summoned!

This is very similar to what I run on my Chrom and I can attest to its effectiveness. The amount of bulk he gains from being able to stop doubles is unreal. It works even better with an ally support.

I like what you have here. I run Renewal because I love that skill but Guard is arguably better. C slot is flexible; I run Spurs because they go hand in hand with Bonds and I use Chrom on a Bond based team. Steady Breath is not bad, but I find it uneccessary since Renewal +Falchion patch him up pretty well and Aether tends to activate in emergencies.


Thanks for the responses, guys.

@GamingBro1 What Link skill would you recommend? Spd/Res maybe? It’ll increase his Spd to the point where I may not have to change his A skill, and the extra Res would help against dragons. His Atk and Def already seem high enough to not need further buffing. Or do you think Guard would be better? If I get rid of the Atk/Def Bond, I may go with Atk Smoke. Otherwise, I’ll probably keep Panic Ploy since 44 Def seems high enough (to me at least). But seeing that Atk Smoke would help against dragons, giving him an effective 37 Res (43 with a Link skill), it might be better to go with Atk Smoke. I don’t know. Also, I know you said Atk Smoke; but what do you think about Spd Smoke? I’m kinda reluctant to change the A skill because I like the idea of having a +9 to all stats from just Bonds.

Basically, my thoughts in picture form because they’re getting too crowded:

C skill:
Panic Ploy or Atk Smoke?

@Gogh I was thinking of putting him with a WoM Refresher. The extra buffs from the Refresher would be appreciated, and he would always be adjacent to someone (assuming his HP is low enough which might be kinda hard to accomplish though due to his bulk and healing). I’ll have to try it.

@LadyLuna Nice build. Yeah, Ally Support would help. I’ve just never used it because I don’t know what to be looking at when I do. Same with Blessings. I don’t really have a Bond-based team so running Spurs on him might not benefit me as much. I could run him with an ally (perhaps a refresher) that has Spurs though. So I’m still leaning toward giving him Panic Ploy, Infantry Pulse, or a Smoke. Steady Breath is pretty much ruled out then (even though I pulled for B!Ike on that Hero Fest earlier this year. I guess he’ll be fodder for someone else).

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This is my current build for Chrom It’s sorta unorthodox

From what I’ve noticed, relying too much on bonds can be detrimental because if he isn’t next to an ally, he loses a ton of possible stat boosts. I recommend using other skills that synergize well with bonds but isn’t reliant on being next to a unit.

I’d recommend vantage as his B skill. He has a large amount of hp so getting in vantage range should be easy because he can take a hit from a unit from the opposite color. Vantage with his high attack also makes it easy for him to one shot dragons before they do any harm to him, and Vantage can nullify some bold fighter armors because Chrom would’ve already initiated twice before the armor attacks twice.

Interesting idea… I think Spd/Res Link is the better choice after all. He’s speedy enough to forgo the need for Guard (as if he’s only taking one hit, the special won’t proc regardless), and it’ll really give him the boost be needs. Between Panic Ploy and Atk Smoke is your choice, I’m leaning towards the latter. They’re both good choices. Spd Smoke is another idea (Effective 55 Spd sounds promising) but I don’t think he’ll need it. At the very least, nothing should double him with 48.

@El_bastrad Thanks for the reply. Right now, I run Fury with Vantage. Because I haven’t invested in his Spd yet and due to the chip damage from Fury, it can be rather difficult to get him to survive. Of course, with your Chrom’s decent Spd and lack of chip damage, that is easily avoided. I wonder, however, how consistent is that build with the constant healing from his Prf and Aether? Also, since the build reqires low HP, wouldn’t Sealed Falchion be preferred?
I completely understand your concern over the usage of Bonds. I myself was concerned about what would happen if his entire team died. But I kinda want to build him to be tanky and maintain high HP because I already have a lot of units that function best at low HP. Besides, using all of those Bonds seems fun to me even if it can be impractical at times. In such scenarios, I’ll probably just use someone else. That it can be so potent if I pull it off is really motivating me to do it. Of course, if it doesn’t go so well, it’ll be back to the drawing board; but I’ll worry about that then. I usually hate wasting fodder, but this is a chance I’m willing to take.

@GamingBro1 Alright, so the first picture in my reply but with Atk Smoke. Seems promising.

Thanks for the help, everybody. I think I know what I want to do. Now, here’s to hoping it works.

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