Thoughts on Cosmos in the Lostbelt: So Far

Now that Olympus has finally released on NA and Lostbelt 5 as a whole has finished, we are at the halfway point of the arc (At least according to Nasu), so i think it would be nice to discuss the general consensus on the Arc as a whole so far.


The size of the chapters has increased and so has the production value. There’s a clear effort in taking the story in a much more focused direction and trying different things while also giving characters that didn’t get their due before in Part 1. Despite some misfires here and there, it has generally been, an improvement across the board but what your thoughts and where do you think the story should go next?


I think it will eventually need to scale down the major threats, think original FS/N but without world ending imminence and more on the personal stake level.

There’s just so much “save the world/universe” from destruction with “big serious story about human spirit and perseverance” that I can take in a row. Because from main story and events (like Kama or Kiara’s) you will need to keep increasing stakes and power again and again, at some point you’ll kinda get numb with it, for a lack of a better way to say it.

I like that Strange/Fake, while having clear world threat danger, it never really comes down to that (aside maybe one character that’s in just for the shit and giggles). There’s people caught in the middle of it for different circumstances, shitty people doing shitty stuff for abusing the power they obtain and so on, but never so far as I remember any mention of “I wanna change/destroy the world”, though it will most likely end up getting to that point anyways…

However, Servants are the stars of the game, and they are intrinsically linked to a summon system, to a Holy Grail, to singularities and etc.

There’s also the talk that Nasu and Co only wanted to run FGO for 10 years, and at the pace they run the main story, if they are planning to pull the plug in ~3-4 years, whether to change platforms or engine or just call it, it seems unlikely then they would do a more “down to earth” approach instead of a grandiose epic chapter right now at the beginning of the end…


I think a EOR style year after Part 2 seems like a good idea.

Smaller scale stories that have their threats but nothing too big.


Already happened for me. LB4 got real close with Godjuna, but I ultimately found the work around to be well done enough. However that changes literally in the opening cutscenes in Olympus with Zeus, my-joke-lightning-can-incapacitate-Vinci-and-Nemo-on-a-near-miss. Completely numb to the powercreep at that moment.


I have a bit of a pet theory for that. Considering that apparently 90% of Zeus energy was going towards powering Olympus, and anything stronger would put danger to Olympus and it’s citizens - what if that was actually the strongest he could do at the time, the rest being a bluff of some sort?

It’s honestly the only reason why I can get through with not being numb to it… it’s far more interesting.

I like that idea, especially if it’s something in setup like Shimousa. The whole being dragged somewhere else while cut off from most resources, if you would. Though I can see the initial setup getting rather old, fast… okay. the more I think about this, the more it’d require a delicate balance. If theres one thing I tend to hate depending on how it’s done, it’s “going back the status quo” for positive stuff.

Example: during the last bit of 5.2 the MC is getting some upgrades to magic circuits etc. due to Atlas. I do hope we keep this, and it actually has a meaning of some sort later in the story even if minor.

After all that though - you can really see how the threats ramp up from LB to LB. I’ve liked the story so far, and found LB4’s solution to the super god thing to be really clever. I just hope Zeus is as far as we go in powerscaling and we don’t go back to that level, because the amount of times the words “omnipotent” and/or “all-powerful” was thrown around was… grating.


There are some problems with the lostbelts, the fact that most chapters give us a token local so they can stab us in the feels later has grown tired. Atlantis suffered from they cant really raise the threat level. AA was already capable of exterminating everything everywhere at once so Zeus was the same. In fact i would argue AA was presented as a bigger threat to surmount and Zeus was treated as more of a roadblock since we instantly summoned a grand servant where as Karna had to build up to being on par with AA.

We also suffer from our villain’s tend to be bland, this hasn’t been a big issue up until LB 5 as at this point the main character’s growth has kind of capped out since you cant raise the threat level and AA took the so alien he is unrelatable crown before. Wodime was bland though I would argue it was to make him a good foil for the Protag since the protag is also bland but his plan was dumb. Limbo is so shallowly evil the game lampshades how cartoonish he is. The real highlights for villians are rasputin and evil tammy. Evil tammy is just fun and Rasputin is presented as very bland but it feels more intentional as part of his plan as he got a big entrance in the prologue and has spent the rest of the time making small but important actions that seem to rely on loophole abuse from his orders which makes me think he has a bigger plan, which is totally fitting of rasputin. The rest of the villain’s have just been introduced so haven’t gotten time to bloom

What they have done well is the hero’s and as I like to call them team chronic backstabbing disorder. The hero’s journey for both mash and protag has been well served by the lostbelts confronting the idea that you can be both Evil as the protag at this point has killed millions via his actions, but also good as he is not doing so for personal gain or petty reasons such as patriotism, ideology, religion, or the lulzs. The protag doesn’t justify their actions to tell themselves they are the good guy which is important as it adds weight to what they are doing. THey accept what they are doing and the cost of it while its possible to argue they are doing good you can easily argue the opposite which adds a depth that was missing in Part 1 where they where absolutely the good guy.

Team chronic backstab disorder is mostly Pepe and Kadoc. Kadoc feels pathologically drawn to backstab due to his massive inferority complex. Pepe is just 100% awesome incarnate. Pepe in particular took a sterotype that is often done very poorly and made iot awesome, really only nathan lane and robin williams in the american version of the birdcage made this kind of character work for me as camp gay character are often lazily done to try and make a caricature so offensive it loops back to being unoffensive bc only idoits would take it seriously. It always feels lazy which honestly i find offensive if your going to do something go all the way don’t be lazy about it, i would rather see something bad that has all its energy and creativity put in it then something safe and boring. Pepe however, is the right kind of camp. They don’t feel lazy as everytime you think you got them figured out a new layer appears, they are awesome by action, and its actually hard to peg down if they are friend or foe. This has traditionally been a hard issue for Eastern developers due to cultural differences do mean we are in general in different places on cultural openness on this subject. Even persona 5/royal which I consider the best game of last generation struggled with this subject.

Overall I enjoy the Lbs more than the 1st arc, the 1st arc took till the last couple of chapters to get good, even with my complaints no chapter of the lostbelts have been boring. I just think we really need to balance the hero and villian focus and stop doing the same thing with the locals.