Thoughts on how the new revealed characters will change teams like Fusion and God ki

With the upcoming additon of Vegito (Red) and Ssj Vegito (Purple) revealed, how do you think they would change the fusion teams? Based on the self heal that Vegito (red) gets fusion might be hard to kill. I dont remember if SSJ Vegito gets any Self heal but the all the buffs during battle that he gets and using his main ability to remove the enemy buffs is a serious game changer in my opinion .

Although God Ki wont be complete without a 6th member, assuming you would have all 5 characters that have god Ki Godku (red) Godgeta (Yellow) Beerus (green) Ssj Godku (blue) Ssj Godgeta (to be revealed probably purple), that is probably enough to create maybe a half decent God Ki team with an extra member who buffs probably Saiyans. Ssj Godku looks like a powerhouse able to do alot of damage and his green card might heal or recover his ki making him harder to kill or would help to deal more damage.


What do think about the fact that Beerus is a TWIN! Hello 6th member! And yeah the Godki will be powered up but not enough defence , hope that GodVegeta Blue will be defence powerhouse. Thwn the whole God Ki might be saved. Maybe undersnowed by the Fusion teams with Vegeto god blue in the end. I waiting for an ultimate team: White Goku, Jiren, Gohan etc.

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Fusion will become kinda whole with the release of a beast purple unit instead of SSJ Gotenks
God Ki will definitely become more common in PvP but realistically fusion warriors will be the best team for a good long time