Thoughts on Koyanskaya?

So I just rolled Koyanskaya on my very last summon ticket (I’m so thankful for my luck) and I’ve been trying her out. On top of that, I’ve been looking into her skills and her skillset is definitely unique; most I’m getting is that she is a great non-castor support for berserkers (or busters servants in general, but especially servants with gorilla decks); her second skill alone (at lvl 10) can help a servant to get 30% charge from a Buster Brave chain. The stars generated also help with her third skill which turns the target into a buster crit monster. Still going off of initial impressions, but for now, I’d say that she is an interesting pick for a support setup for the time being.

What do you guys think?

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Broken Merlin Killer. She dances on Nightingales grave.


Hate to say it, but you’re probably right. Nightingale’s healing niche isn’t that good for the tougher quests, which leaves only her buster support. In that regard, she’s blown out of the water by Koyanskaya.


Hate her as a character but great support


She’s kinda growing on me. I’ve always been a Tamamo lover, so there’s that. In this case, it’s a kind of pick your poison thing between her and Doumam. I pick Koyanskaya.


There’s a robust discussion in the other thread, but to summarize…

  1. Merlin didn’t get any deader. It’s not like he was a premier farmer or the only big Buster buffer in town.

  2. Koyanskaya does crazy things with Servant CDs, and the impact of this will be felt as we continue to experiment.

  3. She’s also a good AoE attacker in her own right.


Agree on all points; while Koyanskaya is certainly an unorthodox Buster Support, Merlin’s more straightforward support kit will always keep him on a pedestal. Even so, Koyanskaya is amazing as an AOE assassin, especially when she moves those buffs to herself. It’s actually kind of frightening.


Always liked Tamavitch, and this solidified my decision to go for her. She’s bonkers and Buster needed some much needed help. :fgo_buster:

I also agree on that fact that Merlin isn’t ‘‘dead’’ because of her ; he still has his uses has in she has absolutely no survival skill of her own, and Merlin still has his ridiculous NP going on for stalls.

Sure, he’s no longer the only ‘‘del facto’’ Buster support, but he’ll still have a relevant presence.


Definitely a strong and interesting buster support. One that can boost herself along the way. More effective for farming than Merlin. Although his awesome NP and skillset hasn’t gotten any worse. He’s still darn good for certain types of fights.

Of course…I don’t really care for her character. So her being busted doesn’t necessarily tempt me to pull for her. Not that I have Merlin either so I’ve gotten this far without a premiere buster support and likely will get along ok in the future anyways.

Definitely worthy result for those that have been waiting for her eventual release in the game.


With how the metas have been jumping from Quick to Arts and has been hanging around there, I’d argue that the more support that Buster gets, the better.

Like seriously, DW isn’t doing Buster meta any favors by excluding Arjuna Alter from any rate ups.


Watch JP go nuts for him now that a lot of players will have pulled Koyanskaya and are aware that they can stack his s1.


That’s going to be fun watching, that’s definitely for sure.

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Oh actually, not sure if you would know right now since it just popped up but still wanted to ask; whenever a servant’s bond goes up, something that looks like a ‘medal’ is acquired in the corner. Any idea on what that is?

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The coins are used in the new Append Skill and grail-past-100 systems. I’d take a peek in the 8/1 stream thread and the “grail to 120” thread for more details :slight_smile:


All the way to 120 now??? Ooooooooh dear…

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I do have a very small nitpicky gripe about her though.

Where is that beautiful LB3 Outfit Ascension Stage?




Here’s hoping they make it a spiritron dress.


Yeah, her LB3 costume is all that we want, so of course it’s not available.

It’ll probably be in the Shop for RP.


First thing I looked for when her ascension art went up. Sadge. We don’t need summer Vitch, just Qi Pao.

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I enjoy her as a villain. Very whimsical and self serving usually, but extremely determined when it comes to realizing her personal objectives, making me wonder why she’s classified as Lawful Evil rather than Neutral Evil (but then when has DW’s morality alignments ever made sense). She’s unequivocally evil but has a lot of fun in doing so, which reminds me of BB’s antics in a sense.

I think she’s the first big support I actually like as a character, so definitely a welcome addition to the game for me.

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