Thoughts on Koyanskaya?

That’s absolutely correct:

  • Evil = ‘selfish’ - willing to sacrifice (unwilling) others for personal gain / advantage
  • Lawful = ‘rule-based’ - always fulfills contracts, agreements and promises

We’ve seen this behavior very clearly from the beginning, where she’s always been selling services that fundamentally benefit herself, but always fulfills her end of any bargain.


NGL, but when they do that, I also want Yu Meiren in cheongsaam.

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Isn’t vitch’s damage a bit on the lower side due to her class? I saw plushie’s video and even after a bunch of buffs she did <300k damage… How is she gonna be a DPS?

You don’t. Her 50% NP charge, 2 turn skill CD reduction, 50% Buster tell you a whole story. Just pretend it never exist like Skadi’s NP


Ah right. That makes sense. Thanks

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That’s what I thought… Thanks for the confirmation…

She’s an AoE assassin, her doing under 300k doesn’t mean she’s bad, it means she’s an AoE servant who isn’t packing BG.

The entire AoE buster roster in the Koyanskaya loop system does potato damage except for AA/Spishtar/Morgan with ideal buffs and lv100(lv90 for AA)/NP2+, or Artoria with NP5, grails, gold fou etc.

For what it’s worth she’s a better AoE assassin than Cleopatra and Semiramis, buster’s other SSRs. Her cd’s are too long for her to use her own gimmick to pop her charge again unless she uses Atlas, but for 1 enemy waves her buff stack does mean you can just face card it if you draw a buster.

She has 20% atk/NP built in; her personal buff values are good. If you whale and bring her to lv100 you can reach 131k min neutrsl wave 3 with superscope, which is well, better than most buster servants bar those I mentioned. This system needing superscope and her only bringing card buff is why it’s mostly potato.


I’ve never been big on the meta, but the way I see it is she is an outstanding hybrid AOE dps/support. It doesn’t really matter if she surpasses Merlin, she can still enable a hell of a lot of teams while easily clearing waves herself if needed.

She would definitely make an impact on my line ups and in 2 years you can look forward to me posting here about how all my rolls missed her!

I’m not actually all too sure about that. I guess given literally no support she’s better than them, but we don’t really rate any servant on that basis. In my opinion, she makes either one even better than they already are with the added bonus of doing damage.

I want every outfit we’ve seen her in for NA so far. Honeypot soldier from the Lostbelt Prologue? LB3 China Dress?

I will spend rare prisms on her outfits and dress up the evil hot goddess.


I can’t say I agree:

TL;DR: Vitch outdamages both in ideal comps except at NP1 when NP1 Cleo has both 60% chance atk buffs proc, and even there is only behind by 7k.

She doesn’t take her own battery off cooldown buffing herself, but…

Semiramis has an interluded NP with total personal steroids of 10% NP dmg. She has 50% buster down for one turn, which with double Vitch she can use turns 1 & 3. But only ifnyou have 8 crit stars, so outside of the t1 star bomb turn you need some luck in face cards or CE stars.

Cleo’s also interluded and her steroids are 40atk/30 buster but the atk is a coin toss and no good loop supports increase buff chance. With Vitch she gets 2 shots at her 40% atk. But she doesn’t have a battery, she has 10% np regen, so she can’t force loop even with scope.

Meanwhile Vitch has 20% atk/20% NP damage and 50% buster, with 100% buster turn 3.

Here’s how that looks (I made surento turn off NP interlude for Vitch):

Calced comp is wave 3 double Vitch/Reines. Superscope with regular Fou, lv90. Oberon for Cleo also added as an option sonce she buffs attack.

–Cleo, NP1 vs NP5–
0 atk success
50k, 76k
1 atk success
65k, 97k
2 atk success
79k, 119k

– Cleo, NP1 vs NP5, Oberon in place of Reines–
0 atk success
47k, 70k
1atk success
65k, 98k
2 atk success
84k, 127k

–Semiramis NP1 vs NP5-- (I gave her the 50 buster down)
61k, 92k

Comp is double Vitch, Reines, Oberon. You could try Merlin in place of Reines as Vitch gives herself 10 charge on NP.
–Vitch NP1 vs NP5–
73k, 122k

Merlin in place of Reines
77k, 128k


The true #1 AOE Berserker Buster Assassin is Lvl 120 2000/2000, 10/10/10+10/10/10 Yu with Beast prints at max on all her face cards and a bunch of buff stacks!


Berserker Assassin? Wouldn’t that be Summer Okita?

Wait Vitch can’t lower her own cooldowns if you use her as the point servant?

Her buster buff & anti-trait/star bomb comes back but her charge is 8t even at lv10.

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I meant Buster!

Both of them have brutal demerits, but my NP3 Yu is waiting for her upcoming rank-up to “fix” what never should have been broken.

But if you use the battery on her, won’t it get lowered to a standard 6t cooldown?

Yes but what I am saying is she can’t reuse it on herself in 3t because the cd doesn’t get low enough, unlike 6t 50% batteries, so she can’t carry a 50% CE to tri-loop.


Koyanskaya was the only recurring Lostbelt arc character I like.

Whether intentionally or accidentally she was always helping Goduka out. For example if Koyanskaya hadn’t shot off the shipping container Da Vinki never would have seen that the entire shore was covered in enemies and wouldn’t have zero sailed. Likewise if Koyanskaya had continued firing instead of stopping she might have damaged it enough that zero sailing wouldn’t have been possible.

Or that time Koyanskaya was supposed to kill you but instead of simply smothering you with a pillow while you slept she tricked you into eating poison she knew wouldn’t affect you to force you to go to Lostbelt 3 where she was also conveniently waiting to help you out dealing with an elemental. Or that time she helped out in Lostbelt 1, 2, etc.

Although I somehow don’t remember her having a tail or cat ears in LB3. Not sure how I completely missed that. I guess me and the LB3 writer (who forgot that in the prologue to LB3 it was pointed out that Goduka’s anti poison EX skill made her immune to the effects of the poison) have something in common.