Thoughts on Lostbelt No. 1: Permafrost Empire, Anastasia

Given as there isn’t an actual thread discussing or talking about this first chapter of Lostbelt, go nuts with this if you want as i’m sure a lot of you haven’t finished it yet.

Now if you excuse me, i will return to my hole.


It’s been 1 day lol, unless you skipped all the dialogue i’m sure no one is even halfway through it.

I’m still at the start and all i can say right now is that it feels very different.

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I am presently at sec15, so about halway through. A wild ride so far, I mean


Riding towards sunset on bicorns


Is it just me, or is this chapter feel really metal :metal: ?

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Spoilers ofc

My thoughts as im heading through Russia:

  • Why is zerker ata even here?
  • Why x2 is Billy the Sh*t here?
  • Why x3 is Beowulf he— no wait. The game forgot he exists again and he disappears. OK.
  • Wait, is that seriously the reason Ana’s here? “There’s no good reason she should be here. Except she has a neato imaginawy fwiend!” … like seriously?
  • Asterios 2.0 looks neat. Why are you here again?

Like don’t get me wrong. I’m enjoying the story, kinda. It’s not bad, we’ve definitely had worse. But there’s a LOT of random servant shoehorning going on that’s just blatant and gives me the impression the characters of the ‘belt were thrown in after the story was created.

Camelot and Babylonia to an extent all had casts of servants practically tailor-made for their respective settings. It was neat, flowed well thematically, and was fun to see characters unfold organically with the story, which i’m just not seeing this LB.

While the story is pretty decent in LB1, the servants, barring Ivan, are the weakest part of it in my opinion.

Currently at chapter 18, will see how it ends tomorrow.

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Well, i’m in Section 19, so take that for what you will.

It’s true they jus come out of nowhere but i think their interactions make up for it, specially Avicebron and Kadok, but on the whole it’s slightly better than the previous stories but that’s not saying much.

i’m on section 20 right meow. took a silver and 3 bronze apples cuz the stopping points had cliff hangers and i didn’t want to wait 2 hours…

plus having 60 silvers and 150 bronzes gives me leeway.


The reasons servants that aren’t related to the Lostbelts started showing randomly is partly because of the Counter Force doing. It started spamming servants into every Lostbelts (especially Lostbelt 5, since that’s where the head big bad are), it’s also trying to aid Guda a little bit. But most of the time the servants that were deployed in the Lostbelts fit the theme of the LB, or have a purpose in the story that requires them.

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really wish that would have been actually explained early. As-is, it just sounds like a catch-all a writer invented to cover up the inability to organically integrate characters.

If i sound irked, it’s cuz i just got to where that one saber shows up (you know which i mean). And it’s utterly stupid and senseless. It’s so out-of-place it just screams favoritism.

Most of the way done cause apples and I don’t mind most of the servant appearances other then saber cause that one as someone else posted was definitely clear writer bias

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Or maybe they’ve been foreshadowing this Saber’s abilities as being relevant to the Lostbelts the entire time? I mean, I don’t want to get into spoilers for those who haven’t reached there, but if you didn’t expect this Saber to show up, you haven’t been paying attention.

Are you familiar with “Chekov’s Gun”?


You don’t introduce a character with the mysterious ability to dimension-hop unless that ability is going to be relevant to the story, later. The character was expressly designed to be included this way. You think it’s coincidence that Shimousa was where they first name-dropped “missing (lost) belt”?


She’ll showed up more in other LB, she’s basically a wild card in this arc


The issue with Chekhov’s gun though is that it has to be used meaningfully. It must be introduced early enough, made obvious enough, that when it is finally “fired,” it makes perfect sense, in a way you weren’t expecting.

The gun in this case was introduced in a side story, with no apparent connection to the actual plot, in a non-dramatic fashion. There was no indication it would have any relevance to the main plot. Perhaps you could call this a suitable introduction point for a power that literally stands as a “well, actually” to the entire plot. As-is, it appears randomly, without warning, without explanation, without context.

That is a very very poor example of Chekhov’s Gun.


It’s obvious that this storyline assumes familiarity with the events of Shimousa, as it is referenced multiple times in the story of LB1, even very early on (notice how Mash casually mentions how you were taken into another world in your dreams that one time?). Shimousa was where Musashi was introduced, it’s where we first heard about Pruning Theoretical Phenonema, and it’s where the term “Missing (lost) belt” is first used.

You can make the claim that the EoR chapters were “side stories” in that they aren’t required to clear to access part 2, but it’s quite obvious that the events in those chapters are canon and are integral to the future of the story. Exactly what more can you expect in terms of foreshadowing? They did everything other than hold up a big sign reading, “This is important for part 2, keep an eye out for Musashi!”


The issue is she is introduced in a trial quest and unless you spend rp at this point to do said quest you don’t have that information at all

Hell EoR can be skipped as well and Shimosa also does a poor job of executing this cause it just assumes you did the trial quest which then once again is a poor example of Chekhov’s gun


I never did the trial quest, and I had no issue following the events of Shimousa or making the connection to the LBs. Heck, I was under the impression that the general consensus around here was that Shimousa was a sort of intro to the Lostbelts, as it isn’t subtle about it.

The argument that, “This doesn’t make any narrative sense if you didn’t read all the previous chapters” seems kinda pointless to me. If you care about continuity, you should read everything in order.


Look it made sense to me personally it’s just stupid as shit if you ask me and I like musashi (I’m not spoiler tagging this if your reading this thread at this point you should know there’s spoilers) I just find it dumb that they reuse her multiple times.

Also the whole trial quest part is more of a nitpick but since they make reference to it it irks me that you need to spend a premium currency to get that story now (granted it’s a very small thing you can look up but it’s principal to me)

Just like to point out that you get taken to other worlds in your dreams basically every interlude and/or rank up.

That’s what I thought they meant. Still just as relevant.

Regardless, we’re boiling down to a difference of opinion. I like characters to appear organically and change as the story progresses. I don’t think the story progresses logically from FinalS to Pseudos to LBs. It feels better to me as a progression from one arc to another, with the pseudos happening wherever. Time and space-jumping powers bug the crap out of me, cuz there’s far too many plot holes that get introduced.

Ain’t no reason we could’ve just used the Zero Space or whatever it’s called to just skip backwards and murder the crypters for good.

I would also love to have access to the trial quest, but I don’t think there’s anything in it that they don’t explain in Shimousa–Musashi gives you her full story during the chapter.

I don’t really understand why you’d find it dumb to reuse a character, either. Beo, Billy, Atalante, they’ve all been used before and have even less narrative justification for being in this story. Why do you have such a problem with Musashi being there, even though they essentially used an entire previous chapter to justify her inclusion?

I never said it was just musashi I hate re used characters period. I found having Nero in America stupid and I found elly constantly appearing stupid

Like there’s a good amount of servants who have had no story or even event relevance at all but nah let’s use so and so again. I found that stupid (which is why I personally hated Halloween events story wise)

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