Thoughts on Lostbelt No. 2: The Eternal Icy Fire Century, Götterdämmerung

Just like last time, i claim this toy castle as my domain so you can go nuts talking about what could be the worst Lostbelt so far (Or at least that’s what the hacker known as 4chan says).

And yes, i made this beforehand.


I thougths about it is that i can say nothing because isn’t here yet

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What do you mean worst lostbelt?
You mean story wise or difficulty?

shimousa > lostbelt 2
cause we all know reddit hate boner for shimousa is strong so needs to be said

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So far I’m really quite surprised by how much of a mileage I’m getting out of my Artemis in this lostbelt, with all the chunky male zerkers. Not much else to say there, as I haven’t gotten to the big boss fights yet.

Well, my Tomoe crited Sigurd to death in both fights so that was nice.

I see several large enemies on the screen. ARTHUR, IT’S TIME TO SHINE!


Jack and carmilla putting in work.
Soem interesting new enemy designs
Just completed chapter 8 and it’s been smooth sailing. Looking forward to later battles

My Euryale really enjoys bullying Sigurd


Funny, given that

"Queen of Ice and Fire"


appears to have chosen just such a one kitsch burg as her residence.

Other than that being in terrible taste, I like where things are going as of node 3…anyone else liked hard-ass terminator Sigurd, btw?

I’m still early in the first segments, but one thing did draw my attention. Looks like Kiara got sneaky skill animation updates that were not listed in the recent patch notes? She definitely didn’t have so many variations before the update.


Not far yet, bullied Sigurd a couple of time. Ironically, with Siegfried. So this meme speaks to me spiritually.

EDIT: I also like how the worked in forced supports this time. Still annoying, but at least fun.

Whoops, Gramps just instakilled that big HP first Valkyrie we meet. So thaaaaat’s why I leveled his skills to 10, huh.


When will Skadi banner be up?

Started just now.

Seems that being berserker AND male is bad to your health, if your opponent is Tamashark


Arthur is doing the job for me. Wonderfully I might add. Get to Zerks wave 3, pop Giant Beast Hunt lvl5, pop Mana Burst lvl 10 and maybe use Artic MC skills. Enjoy a 500k hitting NP on the three giant dudes.

Might try my own Tamamo NP2, but she’s single target so it’ll take more time :confused:


Anniversary. Speculation right now is at or around the 4th.

Sanzang seems promising against these new assassin enemyes

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I spent a few apples, and I finished the Losbtelt by spraying some Egyptian herbicide on the space-tree,. Overall, I’d say the whole thing was surprisingly easy, though it could be because I had a few crucial servants well-suited for the nodes, plus RNG.

The normal nodes turned out to be incredibly easy due to a combination of all the big zerkers being male (so Euryale, Artemis, Medb, and Tamashark have a field day here) and super-giants (meaning Arthur was actually a viable third wave sweeper for once), while the few Assassing off-brand Uridimmus and the occasional Valkyries didn’t make much of a splash either.

The bosses were also surprisingly tame. Both versions of Sigurd could be dealt with by simply bursting him down. Surt was a little annoying, as his Break debuffs were a nightmare to deal with, but once one weathered them, he didn’t pose much of a challenge. Skadi turned out to be a huge gut-punch, as the guide said she had “moderate at best” damage output, but instead she killed off two Merlins, an Okita, and even my Ozy with her insane crits.

As for the stupid Tree of Emptiness, since I managed to beat everything without having to use a single command spell, I went ballls to the wall on this battle, meaning Ozy, supported by double Merlin and a Bride Umu, and then I recharge his NP twice and three-turned the stupid overgrown shrub with rapid-fire NPs.

As for the story, it was the usual quality: well written, but too melodramatic for my taste, so I skipped about half of it. The Valkyries and Brynhild turned out to be unexpectedly interesting, and Skadi was a nice enough character so that I would probably roll for her even if she wasn’t a meta-defining beast of a servant.

Now then, it’s time to sleep, and tomorrow I will begin my grind for Skadi’s ascension mats. With the guaranteed drops, I will only need 3 more Rings, but over 50 Aurora Steel. Kind of steep, if you ask me, but still has to be done.