Thoughts on Lostbelt No. 5.1: Ancient Ocean of the Dreadnought Gods, Atlantis

We’re finally here folks: The Atlantic Lostbelt.

The previous 4 Lostbelts proved to be grueling and filled with heartbreak but this Lostbelt may prove to be the hardest one yet. Here you embark on a voyage across the sea, one where the old gods still reside but more importantly, rule. Every step is rife in danger and the powers that be are always watching, but you are not alone.

Far from it.


With unlikely allies and enemies at all sides, you’ll see what this ocean has in store for you in what will be a journey will be like no other.

Here's something for the trip home (Only open after finishing the story)

【FGO MAD】月女神に「恋」願う。【Missing you】 - YouTube

【MAD】CRADLE OF ETERNITY【Fate/Grand Order ARC 2.5】 - YouTube





I’m hoping the challenge level is a bit higher. The last couple felt very easy and I’d like some more difficulty.

Is it out now?

Or are we in Maintenance

I’m still catching up on LB4 but I can’t wait to start this one :eyes:


europa probably being moved to the achilles banner so that has something new on it lol

I almost want to wait until 5.2 comes out before I touch 5.1.



Almost time to reinstalling the game :fgo_think:


I have heard from some places that the challenge is a lot higher, though I don’t remember if it was either 5.1, 5.2, or both.

Olympus is the more challenging one.

Atlantis is fairly easy as is more story focused.


A+ meme

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The free quests are super easy to farm, too

Lots of 3/3/x nodes

Can’t wait for the big bear story support carry~

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I don’t even know the big plot or what happen here in this LB (please don’t spoil me, the main point of this story). Whenever I see the LB 5.1 trailer, there is some kind of feelings that resides in me, like literal chills and heartbreaking at the same time. Someone said, that LB 5.1 and LB 5.2 are one of the best stories in this part 2 LB, so looking forward to it. I Don’t know, just want to express my thoughts and feelings here.

It looks like the Lotto Christmas is going on live after this, 2 weeks more huh ?.


Nope :face_vomiting:


I’m sorry, what does it mean ??, genuinely asking

LB 5.2 aka Olympus story is not good


okay, I think I can understand that, thanks.


I really wanted this lostbelt after the christmas event so i could take my time with it and enjoy it, oh well.

I was so confident that Xmas and Atlantis would be swapped I actually took a few days off work (well it wasn’t the only reason, but it majorly factored in), but today is my last day off and I’m kinda busy with other stuff :grimacing:

It’s going to be a slow grind through Atlantis, I fear :fgo_sadtomoe: