Thoughts on my build?

Been using Robin forever and was wondering if my build is actually “good”. Thoughts?


If it’s usable for you then it’s for sure good


You can change Spd Smoke for Atk/Pulse Smoke, or even Atk/Res Oath. But holy cow that’s a nice build


Kind of an odd build, or rather more of an odd C slot skill.

What buffs is he normally getting from his teammates? Speed? Defense?

Unfortunately, none

Thank you, will do!

Then you might want to have a team, or at least one other unit, play as a support - buffer unit for him. Things like Drive Def and whatnot can really help him in surviving.

Not gonna lie, the stats on M!Robin aren’t that impressive without buff support from his teammates. His HP pool is nice but the speed is kinda low (although you have QR) as well as his defense which you might want to actively try to increase.

First, I’d recommend changing his boon. A speed or defense boon (and arguably a resistance boon in some cases) are better for his survivability than an attack boon, and without a healing Special he’ll need as much of a survivability increase as he can get (and what unit doesn’t want increased survivability?)

The weapon is okay, although it doesn’t help him that much (although against Colorless nuisances it can be a really nice tool). Blarowl is one weapon that can work with this build, but it’s not necessary to switch the weapon out if you’re wanting him to play a support role, although if you’re using him on non mixed Emblem teams then yeah, you may want to switch the weapon out for something wise.

Spd Smoke should be replaced. It’s honestly not that good of a skill. Atk Smoke is probably the best cheap option, but there are other, more expensive, skills that you can use if you have the fodder for it.

Wow, that is a lot of really expensive fodder… But honestly, I don’t find it very synergistic.

First there’s Null Follow Up. With Robin having mediocre Speed at best, he will only be able to use it against slow armored units. And considering that the most popular armored units are green, this skill will go to waste 9 times out of 10.

Close Counter is a weird one to pair with Null Follow Up, too. Are you trying to make Robin tank Bold Fighters? Speed Smoke is a weird choice, too…

Ruptured Sky is actually not too bad for Robin because his own Attack is really mediocre, but Bonfire is far cheaper and pretty much just as good.

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Everyone ragging on spd smoke I don’t get it, he’s running Tactical Bolt so he’s “supportive” in nature, so Spd Smoke just helps his allies double. With an effective 11 points of Spd it’d help many units. In the end it really boils down to the team he’s in.

While other C’s do help him to be more self sufficient overall, if doing Abyssals has taught me anything it’s the balance between self sufficiency and support.

I’m not a big fan of the new Oath skills because of this new knowledge.

That’s true. The issue with that however lies in the fact that we don’t know what team he’s in, or if there even is a dedicated “Main” team that this unit is a part of, and Spd Smoke is not really a skill one can just slap onto a team and call it “synergy”, especially with a lot of the threatening units in game not even caring about speed to begin with.

Spd Smoke won’t help the team against slow Bold Fighter, or a Vengeful Fighter, or Wary Fighter armored units, whereas Atk Smoke can help with practically any unit in the game as far as tanking hits.

Now, if we’re talking about PvE content then I may be inclined to agree that Spd Smoke can be a decent thing to help reduce stat inflation, but even then I’m not sure if it’ll help in place of other things like Atk Smoke, or even Drives depending on the Hero Battle.

I just found Null Follow-up to be a lot more odd than Spd Smoke. Sure Atk smoke is certainly more universal, but Spd Smoke isn’t terrible by any means.

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Here’s an updated build thanks to your feedback.
Blarowl+ (spd) - Helps give him more tankiness and +spd allows him to not get doubled as much
Draw back - Helps him and his allies to get out of danger
Bonfire- Gives him an extra 17 atk on initiation
Close counter- puts his tankiness to good use, killing swords, dragons and beasts
Quick riposte- His 36 spd is probably never going to double so this actually gets him the doubles he needs
Threaten atk- (I can’t get Atk smoke so this’ll have to do) Gives his enemies less atk, gives him more tankiness
Close def - Gives him more bulk when facing physical threats

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Welcome to first time posting lol, hope you enjoy your stay here.

I actually like your original build more since it has more support and just overall tech power, and uses rare skills which I’m a sucker for. Spd Smoke helped him avoid being doubled after initiating, when he’s trying to tank hits, so I don’t know why people would give you a hard time about that. The new build is nice, but it’s really conservative. But both are excellent, and kudos for building a less-picked favorite character of yours!

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