Thoughts on my roster?

Greeting dear fellow citizens of the forum. This is my first post. I play several of the games described in game press, including Pokemon Go, FGO and Legends, in that order. I’m looking to get your thoughts on my roster. What do you think would be a good setup given my units? Looking to start PVP but first I need to find a team and enhance them. They’re all lvl 3000 as you can see. Any and all discussion is most welcome. I’m very new to game mechanics despite casually playing for many months now. I never really dove further than the story and dailies for exp. Occasional summons and freebies. Looking to get more seriously into the game. I tried to study fighter and team tier lists, but it doesn’t look like I’ve got a complete team of anything, so I’m seeking more direct advise. Thanks so much for your input!

I can make you a team, but first you have to show me ur extremes as well

Thanks for the response. I’ve attached pictures of my extremes, and also a picture of my current team which I put together without too much thought. Thank you for your time.

I would definitely do a god ki team with whis as your ex. also have a character that has a saiyan z ability for your last spot. i think the team u showed me is your best bet.