Thoughts on my Selena build?

So armor stall teams have been giving me problems in AR (and just Surtr in general) and i think its about time to build an Armorslayer. I’m a huge fan of Selena’s refine and also her really great bulk so i decided i would build her and here’s what i came up with.

(Stats boosted by one Naga)
Fort.Def/Res is my ideal a-slot for her but i don’t have it available so i had to think of something else. She’ll also be supported by NY!Azura with Hagoita and Close Guard.


I think you could go with a different A slot. In fact, you could probably just go with Close Defense for an arguably better time with tanking melee units.

I was thinking of doing that but i don’t have close def available either (other than a B!Ephraim that i’d rather kill for Special Fighter. I’m saving grails as well). Plus the brazen works on both phases.

It’s just me, but I honestly don’t like using healing specials along with skills that requires a lower hp threshold before they activate

It’s decent for sustainability. I ran Vantage Aether on my Donnel for quite a while and it helped him a lot with tanking.

I thought it was called “Selena’s Rapier” this entire time.