Thoughts on Special and Seal for Young Caeda

I was able to +10 Both Young Marth and Caeda. Marth I have to give him special spiral with dc. But Caeda’s kit is already built so what should I give her for special and seal?

Note: I do have ruptured sky fodder

Her special is fine

Ruptured sky would be nice but it’s not really worth it

Seal is anything really. Brazens could work. Stances could work. Maybe just heavy blade idk


For the special I’d either keep Moonbow or use Ruptured Sky if you want to use her in Arena. Glimmer is also an option if you like high numbers.

For the seal I’d go with any of the Brazens or Fierce/Mirror Stance and soon Sturdy Stance.


Do I need Red Dual Flying for her to score in arena?

We’ve got a :whale: here.

Her special is fine as is. Since she has effectiveness against so many units, though, Glimmer might be worth considering instead.

For seal, if you want to use her as a baiting Vantage unit, Fierce stance or a Brazen would be great.


Sadly yes :feh_elisad:
She’s 1 point off from 170 without a Superboon :catcry:

But I’d still use Distant Counter even in Arena :feh_legion:

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You shouldnt need to i think she hits 170 with her bane cancelled out
Edit: my bad shes one point shy of 170. Rip being able to use DC i guess

Only if she doesn’t have a superboon

With this boon yeah you need it. She’s 169 BST with an atk boon

Honestly maybe atk wasn’t the best boon. Although it’s best for general use it barely barely doesn’t score well enough for Arena


Keep in mind 1 point is only 0.25 team points. That will only make the difference if it pushes your team score to the next whole number. And also if you’re not using 175 BST units you’re behind anyways so who cares?

@The_Ark You should also consider Glimmer as a special to try to OHKO lance units and low defense ranged units. This deals as much or more damage as Moonbow against lance units with 46 or less defense, or 51 or less defense if Belief in Love is active.


I was just saying that since op asked about needing rdf.