Thoughts on Tanky Thea?

I’ve been sitting on 11 4* copies of Thea which I eventually want to fully merge. I noticed that she has decent mixed defenses, so I’m trying out the following build:

  • Spirited Spear for Atk/Def bonuses and Special acceleration
  • Ignis for 29 (30? Does it round up?) bonus damage
  • Fortress Def/Res to build on her defenses
  • Guard to (hopefully) prevent enemy Specials
  • Atk/Def Menace to debuff opponents and trigger Spirited Spear
  • Threaten Spd for more debuffs at close range

I like it so far, but I’m wondering if there are flaws/missed opportunities that I’m not seeing. I’m also willing to consider a completely different loadout, since I’m having fun building Thea.

Thanks in advance for your input!


A rein is honestly more consistent than menace, so I would strongly recommend atk/def, or atk/spd rein.


Thea can make a good tank but I would not go this method

If you’re desperate for Guard, either run a Stance or the Candy Cane lance. Guard’s 80% HP requirement is PITIFUL and with how hard some enemies hit you’ll drop out of that range in no time.

Similarly, Fortress Def/Res is kinda eh compared to a Stance skill unless you’re running a skill that uses visible Def and Res, like Pegasus Flight.

This build is not good for Menace. Menace works much better if you’re running a Catch. A Rein skill like Atk/Def Rein is far more consistent.

Threatens are bad. If you need Spd there are tons of seals that will give you comparable or more Spd (Solos, Bonds, Forms)


You’ll find more power if you delegate the buff and debuff support to someone else and use a rein and a stat-boosting skill on the sacred seal. She’ll be substantially bulkier that way, at the cost of setup of course. That threaten spd 3 has to change though, the skill has too short a range and is irrelevant most of the time.

Thea’s got speed though, and Valentine’s Owain introduced this:

Honestly looks workable.

It’s a dual-phased capable weapon though so you can run catches and solos or bonds instead. Really depends on your preferences. I’d also look into Stout Lance builds.


43 Atk and no way to accelerate that special is just a dead end alley.

I consider Seteth an upgrade to most blue lance fliers, maybe you could consider him. Or you could also wait and see what kind of refine they come up for Thea

In any case I think these units with mixed bulk and no niche are sentenced to stay irrelevant.


In the OG build spirited spear provides cooldown acceleration

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oh, thanks! me and my big mouth again. :sweat_smile:

I had to look up what that weapon was, I never see it. still special acceleration per foes attack, I don’t know, seems hard to proc consistently

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After a quick grinding/fodder session, this is what I have:

I’m not sure if you added Dull Close as a placeholder, but it’s one of the better options that I have on hand.

@_Help_Me @LadyLuna
Unfortunately I have used up my Rein fodder, and I’m holding onto my orbs for an upcoming weekly revival. Having done several more maps, Atk/Spd Menace does feel less consistent now.


I’ve kind of given up on the idea of being “meta-relevant,” and am now aiming for “please don’t stomp me too hard.”

I’m not particularly fond of Thea’s Atk stat either. But she’s one of a select group that I have any realistic chance of getting to +10.

I’m also weirdly attached to her, despite having never played her game. I like the idea of investing into unremarkable units and making them work.




Very nice, tanky Thea can work pretty well. Her stat spread makes her a good candidate for flight skills if your planning on investing. I think fury is a little better than fortress, since she can make use of the offensive stats too, although you might need healer support or run MB seal to deal with chip.
Theas a pretty cool character. In a large cast of quirky characters trying to stand out, she’s just a straightforward mercenary who’s ready to work.


After finally grabbing some refining stones, this is what Thea looks like now:

I’m still saving feathers for Cecilia and I don’t have enough flier dragonflowers, but I’m liking the look of Thea’s mixed bulk so far.

Thank you all again for your suggestions!
When If I ever get any Flight/Rein fodder, I’ll make sure to put them to use.


She’s looking good!

I’m in a similar situtaion, I’ve wanted to build her for a while now. Idk what it is about the calm and cool-headed characters that draw me to them, but Thea’s definitely one of them. Hoping she gets her refine real soon.