Thoughts on the Royal Library 2xSP upgrade?

What’s your thoughts on this? :thinking: I actually ended up buying this and so far it’s crazy how much SP I’ve been getting. Thought it was gonna be useless but it’s pretty good so far (at least until the 5x buff drops 🥲). Lowkey thinking that all the Valor skills I don’t have are kinda invalidated now just bc how premium and hard to get they are vs. just buying the castle upgrade and being able to get that permanent 2x SP on every unit (plus right now with the 5x event it’s even less required to run Valor skills for me to get a good amount of SP)

What do yall think? Valor skills still worth pulling for or is it just better to buy the castle upgrade at that point instead? :face_with_monocle:


This gain up is seriously nuts. I might even say it’s overkill if you bring the right tools.

I was training my Legendary Myrrh today, with 2 dancers (one having Dragon Valor) and a healer.

A single kill :


It’s so powerful she got max SP before she even reached lvl 40 ; and she got everything inherited.

I’d say if you have this, you could afford to not use Valor skills since the gains are still pretty high, but with it, you could pretty much max SP everyone in your barracks in next to no time.


i just wish they gave us the library.
i don’t care about the double spd gain. i want my nerd front screen lol


Its main value is for people who pull a lot of new units

How often do you SP grind? I only do it once every couple months at most so I was like “Eh” when I saw this.


Bruh fucking same! :rofl::rofl: This is exactly why I made this post bc I have her at max SP and she barely has like 9HM from leveling her up lmao


Or made it purchasable with orbs too. Didn’t realize so many people love the backgrounds since I still run the unlit one lol


True true. I only bought it for the orbs since I don’t actually mind SP grinding but it really exceeded what I thought it was gonna be like lol


the thing is i don’t really do it. i just pop people in tempest slap on the valour i need and i get it. (heck. here are times i forget to switch valour)

just doing FB or TT grinding it you get what you need down the road. the ones i am more diligent on doing are healers + dancers since they don’t usually combat as much and they need a butt tonne.

yeah i change mine sometimes. i think it’s the newest one. but i am such a bookworm the library is just awesome.


Nice to have but hardly necessary.


I just wanted the library… 2X SP always is overkill, especially with FB. I auto-battle FB for HM grinding and use SP gained as a measurement for how many kills more a unit gets compared to another and typically end when a unit hits above 3k SP 1k HM.

Having 6k SP on any unit is fine and dandy obviously but it’s definitely overkill when you’re already auto-battling. It’ll definitely come in handy for units that are really difficult to gain SP on but otherwise it’s too much. That’s not even counting how it’s 5 times the SP amount until late August.

I would have preferred the library greatly over the SP.


I bought it for the orbs. The background is nice and the SP boost is ok, but if the pack hadn’t had orbs, I would have not bothered.

I agree that the background should be available for orbs at a later date. Maybe when the 5x boost period ends.

Its ultra dope I love it

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I needed this so hard.
As a collector who build every single hero I get, this is so helpfull.
Since, defeating random heroes for 30 minutes after reaching level 40 just to get enough SP for all your skill slots is bored…
Now, my heroes get all the required SP at level 40 or even before.

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I’m a collector too, but I wouldn’t think of building all my units. The amount of orbs that would require would give me nightmares. Do you give your heroes premium skills or cheap stuff like reposition, moonbow and fury?

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I’m greatly enjoying it. Before, I’d have to manage my promotions and fodder inheritances to get a unit with everything I wanted on it without ungodly grinding (i.e. one Yen’fay levels up with Ruptured Sky and A/S Unity while the other levels with Spurn and A/S Menace and the base kit learned between them). Now I just use that with a Valor skill, and especially on a weekend?

Oh, it makes the SP grind SO much less of a pain in the ass.

I like it. I nice little bonus for those who pay for it that doesn’t really do much beyond easing the grind.


The SP boost is pretty neat. All it does is making the SP grinding less of a chore, which is a cool thing to have. It especially helps when you just want to train units to lv40 for DFs or for units that are hard to train in auto-battles (those with awful defenses mainly).

I build them all, with cheap builds (but workable builds).

Only my faves get premium skills (aka Sacred Stones or some villains).

Recently, when I get a premium skill I give to some ramdon heroes I like and need investment. But this happens only recently and when my FE8 heroes do not need the skill. Some examples: Rath, Brunnya, Sigurd, Lonqu, Deirdre, Ursula, and the most recent one Haar. He was literally useless before i give him some stuff (got a B!Claude, and since I already had one built B!Cluade, I gave his Fury 4 + C slot to my Haar).