Thoughts on this formation?

Am trying to make an original defense and wanted to mix Eliwood and Kempf. Kempf isn’t built up yet and neither is Olivia, but I’d like to hear some thoughts about what sort of plays you’d try to do with a formation like this.

And don’t worry about the single dancer vs Mila comp problem. I’ve got a plan I’m willing to try, and it involves… HONE DEF!

Hone def is not a good plan since it makes you vulnerable to panic skills. Also I’m not sure why you would want 2 red cavalry units to overlap. Kempf is easy to snipe, you should probably replace him with a ranged infantry unit that can take a hit or something.


Is Kempf being snipable partially the catapult’s fault?

The idea is more of mixing impact and firesweep btw. I’m gonna try to make it hell for so many tanks to try and take the team.

And the hone def? I wouldn’t worry about it getting panicked. Olivia is the only unit on the team I need to not get hit by Mila and I’m planning to use a combination of buffs and debuffs to trick a few Milas from trying it, assuming I make it so that they can’t start turn 1.

But thanks for the input. I’m really kinda wondering what makes you say Kempf is so snipable.

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What is Fae doing there?


Making a sand castle


The dumb trying to counter Mila plan:

Figure 1. 32 res Deirdre against 26 res Marth and 29 res Soren

Figure 2. Speed ploy is activated.

Figure 3. Start of turn 2, chill res (-3 res) and fortify res (+4 res) saves Soren and Marth from SPD ploy

Figure 4. Same scenario with Aversa’s panic (-3 to all stats). Still no SPD ploy on Marth.

Run similar scenario with Olivia, hone def (possibly tactic if I’ve gone mad enough), and child def from how absurd her def is. Decent chances.

She lived a lot of her life in the desert so I thought I’d bring her along for this map!

I’d probably prefer something that covers blue units better but having fun with my first +10 is something I could try to do.

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Looks pretty good. Nice formation.

Fae is a little shaky. She’s far from an ideal frontliner.

Honestly even the free 5* neutral B!Ike is a better frontliner, and he also doesn’t have dragon weakness

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I don’t think I’m too worried about dragon weakness for a dark defense (if someone brings Naga on light season I’ll definitely get a good laugh out of that) but I do agree that she’s not the most ideal unit for it. I think she’s my best green frontliner option though.

There aren’t that many magical green cav nukes that are f2p (Sylvain has the stats for it but I’m not pulling for that, Cecilia would have loved his Melon Float for defense though), but if there were, I’d probably run a blue frontliner like Donnel instead because his refine is amazing for this kind of defense (would have to work on his ranged tanking though)

The build you see on Fae definitely isn’t the one I’m gonna be running. I’m gonna be pulling out some forgotten skills while also probably being a meme. My goal for her is to make her an actually decent threat by boosting her attack while also trying to give counterplay against L!Leif. I’ll probably let her thicc HP and decent defensive bulk work at base.

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It looks pretty good. A problem I notice with some teams like this is that the defense tile might let your attacker just dump a red unit there and tank everything. Is your Reinhardt merged and built? An Itsuki or fast repel unit might park on that defense tile and tank everything if Rein can’t get through their HP (especially with a triple mythic offense team). I believe Kempf attacks first because of how the AI works with skills like Poison Strike and Savage Blow, but still might not be enough.

Also, side note, you should probably move the pots a little further back. Especially the one on the left can easily be swapped with the Black Eagles flag.

I doubt that Armor School will do much, I usually see people using armors for Galeforce more than tanking, maybe switch it out for a Bolt Tower to make the defense tiles less useful.

All in all pretty decent formation but needs to be executed well in terms of skills and merges. I’m super unsure of that avoiding Isolation strat with Olivia, my Mila has 45 visible defense without buffs at 0 merges (43+ Def/Res 2 seal) which I could easily bump up a bit with buffs and flowers as needed.


I don’t really like Bolt Tower on defense honestly.

But that aside, yeah, the defense tiles can be exploited by the enemy. Especially considering the obvious lack of IP to make it untankeable, some units may be able to do it.

But honestly Kempf is pretty scary because then unless the tank has NCD they’re basically dead, or at least close to it.

EDIT: also I’d be more worried about a blue tank than a red one, Fae is far from scary on PP. Stuff like Shalfonse or something could maybe do pretty well. Depends on the Rein tho honestly. But yeah Kempf should be scary enough to deflect anything honestly

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I suppose so, I’ve just never really seen Kempf in action myself. People usually prefer harder hitters than middling but reliable damage.

I think Bolt Towers usually suck because they’ll either clean up most of your team by turn 3 or wait until after. Being that far in by turn 3 on this map looks pretty hard, but waiting could work since the units aren’t individually tanky / dangerous so cleanup is easy. Just better than the armor school. Hell, a Tactics Room might be better to annoy any hiding dancers / Eirs.

I forgot to mention this last time, but this team isn’t using two defense mythics, so scoring is dependent on winning defense. Life got way easier for me when I started using two mythics (though I did make my team better as well so could be a misattribution).


I’ve only got a Yune. Been playing around her chaos on dark for fun, I started out with the cavline to play around her Chaos Named and Sabo. Res and this one was a bit inspired by the Kempf and Yune combo.

No, sadly. I don’t get a lot of Reins and this one is literally my Hero’s Path Rein. I think he was the best unit to put there anyway because I wanted a high damage magic blue cav and I can’t find a way to get consistent debuffs without schools (I’d have chosen Ursula then).

I think the armor school is the bonus building the season after this astra season, it’s actually the reason why I don’t wanna try my cavline next dark season. I’ve concluded with some thinking that panic manor and infantry school were two of the most important buildings to use on it so having to switch out armor school means the cavs won’t do as well as they did this week.

Honestly, I really am a bit more scared of red tanks than blues. Yune’s not just gonna sit around (I’ll at least try to make it so) and it’s all left to mostly Reinhardt if something scary like Y!Marth with NCD comes around.

And one of Fae’s skills that I’m gonna try for countering hit and run will also help address a lot of blue tanks. You hardly find a blue lance tank (Donnel and Sharena are the two most prominent ones), and I’m hoping Fae can help chunk down the more popular blue tanks being Shalfonse and Brunnya. Y’all can make an easy guess what it is, I already planned out a few skills before I slept and now I’m building everything up.

Letting the horses run wild. I like it.

If you are worry about opponents tanking on the defense tile, put some lunges or drag back on Eliwood and Kempf and they are immediately out of position. You may even drag them into bolt trap for extra pain.

It’s too hard to snipe Kempf from the left, too many structures to go through.

My first option would be to hit and run Fae. Hit Fae, dance, repo out of danger. Eliwood and Kempf can’t reach because of 3 movement so they are out of Olivia’s range. Reinhardt getting danced is the only catch you got, and they may or may not happen depending on isolation. Everyone is now out of position.

Any rational behind having two melee cavs? Swapping Reinhardt and Kempf might change the above scenario. At least they can’t get away for free.


Aye! Mixing Firesweep effects and impact effects to give tanking strategies one hell of a time.

I’ll be bringing up the defense and builds sometime, I’ll be sure to notify you with a ping. Good point with the drag back/lunge, I was already planning that sort of thing but you mentioning the bolt trap made me reconsider a few things, thanks!

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