Thoughts on this heavy investment for B!Micaiah?

My last Fury 3 fodder. Planning on going for a PP build with the good ol’ classic Fury 3 + Brashperation.

She’s only got 36 HP, however, with Fury 3 that pushes her visible Res +3 so the threshold is =< 40. It also slightly raises her physical bulk (to 20 Def which helps against 1 non red unit) and Spd (to 31) . She misses out on her prf Sabotage skill, but I’m planning on throwing a Ploy into her C slot.



I might wait until we find her role. We already have pp green mage flyers. I feel like something else is in store for her

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How does she get buffed from your side?

None right now but I’m planning on setting her up with an Atk Tactic/Spd Tactic partner on a team soon.

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The support role makes more sense for her i think. I think building similar to aversa is more likely correct. She isn’t flying nino. Shes a support unit who can kill random armors and cavs when she needs to

I kill h.myrrh , silas , f dalthea, felicia and I will kill chrome for aether, and here is one of the build I’m planning , I will fix it, but whit the TT I’ll get enough PA for doing everything
But fury can work to ,I could try
I haven’t a builder, and I didn’t build her however

With SS and 5 flowers
Hp 40
Atk 50
Spd 29
Def 24
Res 49

Skill Light of dawn
Iceberg (or glacies )
Fort res/def 3 (I’m sorry to kill Myrrh, but…that life)
Yune whisper
Atk ploy(or even atk wave 3)
And I have to decide between res ploy or heavy blade

I have other, but I need time

Oh, and I solo wallhart with her ^^

But I don’t think B!Micaiah could take one hit of a non red unit even if she has res, she has a very bad bulk

Umm…what do you mean by wait for her role? Any unit’s role is what you think best fits your team and what you can make work.