Thoughts on using this Forma Ike (galeforce build help)?

So I’m on my last Forma soul and was wondering if it was worth using this Ike form this Hall of Forms and since I don’t have much experience with armors I thought I’d ask you guys if my planned build worked out ok.

Here’s what he’d come as:

And here’s what I’d plan on using with him if I did pick him up:

I’m newer to galeforcing (just started using Yarne as one and he’s really fun) but I think he’d need some precharge help here to prod it in one round right? Would it be work using this route or maybe I should use daring fighter or special fighter that he comes with instead and a slaying weapon?

I’m just worried he won’t have enough speed to double without cake cutter.

Or just add a slaying weapon with a spd refine to the first build I’m planning on using instead?
If I do find some success with him I might even spend some fruit on him and make him +spd.

Any help would be appreciated thanks!

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The build looks really good. I’m not a fun of PP strategies, but if I were, that’s how I would build him