Thoughts on Void Agni

Hi, I had quit the game for a while before void battles were a thing, and I just managed to clear my first void dragon, Agni. I just finished making the t3 void sword for agni and I’ll go straight to the point here, I actually feel disappointed by how easy it was.

Going by what I heard from people talking here and the required might of the fight being almost as hight as the HDTs I was thinking it would be way harder, but I cleared it in the first try, and I didn’t even look up at any strategies or anything, I just went at it blind on quick play.

I was running Xander, and he’s my weakest water unit, he’s at 4081 might 1.4k health and strength, and I was on par with everyone elses might. I would’ve thought that would be low HP but even when I failed to get cover from Agni’s explosion the first time, it only did a bit over half my health. Of course I know that healing back is also in part thanks to the healer, but still, on HDTs something like that will prove fatal.

I have cleared HMS, so avoiding most attacks was intuitive.

Was it just me or did anyone have a similar experience? are Void Zephyr and the Raging Manticore as easy as Void Agni?

They drop HDT-bane weapons, they’re supposed to be a step before HDTs. If you’re doing it in order then this is your first introduction to stuff that requires some coordination like his chaser and explosion so it is a bit of a difficulty increase. If you’re going backwards then yeah, they’re way easier than HDTs. I’d rate them at about the difficulty level of the HDT preludes I guess: similar level of mechanics as HDTs but much lower stats which give you room for error.

Zephyr is similar to Agni. Manticore is bring Fury Penetrator and you win.

That’s true, I guess from my stand point it’s pretty easy, but I just feel that in that case it seemed a bit misleading with the required might, though I’ve always felt that way with the HDTs since 13000 might is WAY too low for them and you’re no where near being able to clear them as soon as you hit that might. It would just be to try and learn the mechanics of the fight as soon as you can.