Thoughts on Yachiyo?

I don’t think i will be able to get Zardin, but i got this girl, not a fan of Zardin’s energy stuff anyway; so i leveled up Yachiyo and unlocked her 40 mana nodes( not promoting her yet) and she feels pretty solid in general and if she can inflict paralysis, straight op while her buffs last. Not sure if promoting her though, not many options in Light blade users anyway and i’m pretty new to this game so i could be missing something.

What are your thoughts on her( aside from her being pretty :zipper_mouth_face:)?

yachi might be the flagship blade for HZD so invest in her. She also has a good kit

Actually the budgest option in katana light niche x’D (just because Zardin is a 5* and H!Edward are limited).

She’s a good unit but not amazing.

  • She got 100% curse res. (100% resist is always good)
  • BUT she got a kit that needs paralysis to perform better… And the bosses are not specially weaks agains resis. strategies :sweat_smile: