Thoughts/opinions on the global raid challenge?

  • Such as did the bonus cause you to do more raids to help with the bonus? If not would a different bonus/reward have caused you to raid more?

  • Was the goal of the bonus 40 million raids too high or just right? If it was too high in your opinion do you think Niantic overestimated how people many would increase their raiding?

  • Are you suprised how long I took to reach goal?

  • Would you like if Niantic starts doing a global challenge every week/month?

  • or just any other thoughts or opinions you have?

For me the goal was not the reason I did more raids than average this week, 13 total at the time goal was reached. I did more raids just because of therian landorus and used up some of premium passes during raid hour. Then I still needed mega lobunny and manectric so I decided to raid for them before they disappear from raids. Other than that I used my free daily pass as usual. If Therian landorus would of kept earth power I would of significantly helped more with the challenge.

If the bonus was 3-4x stardust I do feel like that would of been more motivating. We just came off comm day with 3x stardust, so the 2x stardust was not motivating since I used all my stardust multiplier then.

I do think Niantic over estimated how many people would be raiding and set the goal a little too high. I though the goal would originally be reached earlier in the week.

I like the idea of Niantic doing more global challenges on a weekly or monthly basis.Maybe they can do some team related challenges also, because so far the team you choose does not effect effect on gameplay at all outside of raid more raid balls. Ofcourse they would need to figure out a way to balance it since I imagine there is disparity between teams.

One unexpected thing I enjoyed about the challenge was seeing how much people on my friends list raid. I now know who some of their super raiders are send them random invites when they are not showing up online and they have joined my invites.

Overall, I think it was an interesting global challenge that was well-timed with a fairly popular legendary that people want to raid. Had this been released when T-Tornadus was out, I think progress would have slowed to a crawl by comparison.

As for your questions:

  1. Not really. I’ll be honest, ever since the first Go Fest where Niantic very obviously cooked the books on the global challenge progress, I’ve kinda always assumed the goals will be reached. I decided that I’d like a good T-Landorus, so I did a fair number of raids in pursuit of one. The global challenge didn’t change my habits though.

  2. As a global challenge, it seemed about right. Maybe a bit on the high end, but we still achieved it pretty quickly.

  3. Given that T-Landorus is new and also a desirable attacker (even sans Earth Power), it has been a very popular Mon to raid in all of the local Discords in my area. So I guess I’m not surprised that we hit the goal fairly quickly. I was surprised to see just how many raids some of the people on my friends list do (we’re talking hundreds!).

  4. I like the idea of global challenges, but I personally wouldn’t want to see them too frequently. Player fatigue is already a thing in this game, and weekly/monthly global challenges would likely burn people out.

  5. Final thought: the progression tracker in the Today View was a really nice inclusion. It was nice to be able to see the actual progress in-game rather than having to rely on Niantic updating us on progress via social media. Showing the number of raids done by friends was also a neat feature, though it would be nice if there was an option available to not publically display the # of raids you’ve done.

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Doesn’t matter to me. Was fun to see how many raids the others did though (most between 3 and 11)

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Personally, I like that we take too long, at first after seen the first day number of raid I thought " People will spend lots of money to finish this quick -.-", but we took our share to finish, so it means raids aren’t as popular as Niantic defenders make it sound.

I dislike that we could watch how many raids our friends did, it certainly feels like a way to increase the need to raid more. I would prefer that kind on effort on something like the 5 top damagers in % after a raid boss battle(much like the old team damage bar system which was removed).

Either way if they add a global challenge about something that didn’t cost money, just time(number of research, pkm caught, etc) I would love to participate.

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Answering in order:

  1. Not really, it’s Landorus-T so I’d have done as many as possible anyway, that said double dust all weekend isn’t to be sniffed at, I’d likely have done lots of Lati, Regice or Articuno to help get it.

  2. About right, done early Saturday BST so plenty of time, maybe earlier time zones might be less happy?.

  3. Again, happened roughly when I expected- whether by true figures or deus ex machina.

  4. Any bonus is good for me. Participation is always optional and whether whales, keener players or just attrition targets always get hit.

  5. I agree with the point about seeing other people’s activity. We’ve all said elsewhere more of that would be better. Why not more raid scores/rankings etc.

I do agree that it’s dangerous to set a precedent where too many “bonuses” are contingent on paid interactions. At that point they stop being bonuses.

Overall, 8/10 score from me.

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Only gripe is that the bonus wasn’t very good. 2 days of double stardust isn’t much of a bonus but I guess you take what you can get! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Maybe depends on where you were timezone and schedule-wise. For me got best part of two full wekend days, without much else to do at double dust - mathematically better than last weeks 6 hours at triple dust. Plus a bit of play in the odd moment when I was taking instruction (read wasn’t really listening) to a client on the phone this morning too.

Maybe next time setting it up so it kicks in before the weekend for everyone?

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I did about the same amount of raids I usually do during this week. I think if the rewards were better (double dust all week?) I may have done more work towards it. It was neat to see which of my in game friends have no lives (had one guy do like 75 raids) and disposable income. The reward should have been some sort of inverse of how long it took to reach the goal. Have 7 days to complete the task and finish it in 2, everyone gets the remaining 5 days worth of double dust. Five days of 2x dust would have spurred more raids being done. Another thing that doesn’t help is that most of the raid bosses suck. Ever since they took out the 2 and 4 star raids, raiding hasn’t been as fun.

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