Thracia 776 feels

Since I was bored, I looked at some olds posts on a FE forum I used to be on.
And I saw this again, I swear I’m not crying.

Eyvel: “That day… You and Lady Nanna came to Fiana, with Finn lying injured on his horse. Lady Nanna begged me to save her father with her eyes full of tears. But you, Lord Leif, all you did was glare at me and say, ‘I’ll give you this if you help him,’ showing me the sword at your side. You said it was a keepsake of your mother…I remember wondering about the hardships that such a young boy had been through. Lord Leif, I have no memory of my youth. A little over ten years ago, I was rescued by the villagers after washing up on the coast of Ith. Who am I? Was I married? Did I have any children? I have no way of knowing. But when I saw you two, I sensed that something similar had happened to me in my past. And from that day on, I vowed to raise you as my children. However…I never guessed that you were the prince of Leonster…”

Finn… had a hard life.


I’ve never even played Thracia but reading this made me sad :catcry:


It’s actually so sad when Eyvel gets turned to stone and then Leif/Nanna have special escape quotes for leaving her behind.

I love it when Leif says that he never hated the empire more than he did in that moment. They already took his real parents, but then they took the only person who was like a mother to him too


Yeah I had the feels during that scene,he didn’t want to leave,but he had no choice :sob:


I love the Jugdral cast, it’s no wonder. And this post emphasizes on one reason why I cherish this family so much (even if Deirdre is my favourite mother in the series), their stories are really touching, well written and emotional, the soundtrack gives that dramatic boost too.

I should have more free time to resume my playthrough in the game soon, I would be delighted to. keepincool


Not these pictures. These always hurt.

Depending on which timeline you look at, this is either two years or a few months or weeks after they fled Tahra, the last place they knew was safe for them to stay. This isn’t even the first time they’ve had nowhere to go and no idea who they can trust or ask for help.

It’s not stated how long it’s been since Finn was injured so who knows how long Leif and Nanna were wandering around Thracia looking for anyone who would help them with the possibility of losing the only person they have left in the world lingering in the back of their minds. They didn’t know where they were, they have no possessions beyond their mothers’ swords, the only things they have of their mothers, neither of them had been in a fight before and would stand no chance against the pirates and bandits said to be very common in the area around Fiana, and they’re at most twelve and eleven.

They all had hard lives and were incredibly lucky they found Fiana


Don’t forget about the other kind of feels Thracia is known for


TBH fire emblem needs full animes, not the 2 episode ovas from shadow dragon, i meant full seasons with each season beaing a full FE game with arcs and character development, i always heard there were mangas abouth these games but we dont have anime adaptations much less netflix adaptations.


I’m going to say what I said on a comment about video game movies on Reddit earlier: Don’t take the plot of the game and just turn it into a movie (or series in this case). Take the world and characters and craft a new and original story around them. I think that would work out a lot better than trying to adapt a game to a movie. Although for a series like you suggested a direct adaptation could probably work better.

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I’d settle for more English translations of the mangas. Even the most well-known Genealogy manga, the Mitsuki Oosawa one, isn’t fully translated yet. I recently found a Thracia manga that a translation was started for but only the prologue has been translated so far and that was done awhile ago.

I think there’s a completed FE6 manga that follows a new character instead of Roy?


Well that seems interesting, i only read manga once and was because the anime didnt ended well and a friend told me that the real ending was on the manga so i learned to read it and find the true ending of the serie.
Perhaps in the future i try the FE mangas.


I am hoping for a fe 5 remake someday and people will discover how such great game it is.


Same, but I’m a little worried about what they’d do to the difficulty aspects.

I really hope they at least make a mode where all of the original gameplay mechanics are still in tact - No turnwheel, keep fatigue, hit rate max at 99%, and so on. They could have “Casual” “Classic” & “Veteran” mode or something


I played Thraccia once and there are a lot of frustrating aspects like the staff units that miss a healing, the hit rate of axes but aside that the game has interesting things like capturing foes and taking their weapons and the escape mechanic that forces to make the lord the last one to escape or the others get captured.
The fatigue gives more realism.
The RNG is frustration most of the time.
And its kinda rigged against you most of the time.


I hope that too, specially fatigue and the capture system. The only things I would like to change are the staff missing and the fog.

Echoes kept a lot of the original things so I am not that worried.


Just a heads up if you go for the Oosawa manga, there is a lot of incest. To the point Lachesis and Eldigan almost have a sex scene. It also looks as if Julia and Seliph are going to end up together and possibly Larcei and Shannan as well if the translation is ever finished.

It’s really well done in many regards. Deirdre gets to be an actual character who does things instead of just a plot device, all of the relationships are well built and explored especially Finn and Lachesis, all of the antagonists are given more depth, even Manfroy, there is some genuinely good humor in it, and the art is amazing. Even babies look ridiculously pretty. That being said, similar to in the game, the second half feels weaker than the first and I only kept reading because I wanted to get to the Leonster arc, which was sadly very unsatisfying. Still, I would definitely recommend it if you want a more detailed and nuanced depiction of Jugdral and its characters than what we get in FE4. Oosawa clearly loves this world and its characters and all the effort and detail she put into the manga honestly made me like it more than the game for a while.


Well the fog is a mechanic that is also on the GBA games, its cheap dificulty but you get used to it after many runs.

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I know this is gonna sound weird, but I love Fog of War lol (Not when it’s overkill but in doses)

The fatigue and capture system was definitely the most fun part of the game tho. I just really hope that there’s a mode where they don’t give you a turn wheel, it’s too tempting lol


Yeah im not into sex stuff but i read more for the story, in the future i will check it out, thanks for the recommendation.
Character depth is also very important.