Thrasir Build Ideas

Does anyone have optimal build ideas for Thrasir?


Lol, really trying hard to negate that attack bane with that seal, huh?

Might want to change that. Even with the bane, there are arguably better seals for her.

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fury 3 and flashing blade seal works

But then you’re losing the “true damage” from Flashing Blade 4. Is it worth it?


He’s basically sacrificing 5 damage to get 3 from the atk buff, in addition to other stats. Pretty good trade off, provided there’s no other seal OP wants to run

Maybe Chill Res for nuking potential and to proc Killing intent more easily ?

But does she need those other stats? 43 HP with 23 defense and 27 resistance.

With Fury that’s 43 HP with 26 defense and 30 resistance.

Her speed stat is pretty much good enough to reliably proc FB4 which is 5 extra damage.

What do you need Fury for? :thinking:

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I’d go with Sturdy Blow personally :flaynfish:

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Glimmer for more damage / moonbow depends on the enemies defense , shes pretty strong as it is
It not her build that matters , its the units that will support her

i thought Furry would give her a bit more bulk and speed, so it seemed like a good tradeoff

Probably not much, she has what, effective 48 spd with Killing Intent and her weapon? Fury may be unnecessary but it’s still a solid option

Except Chill Res is a B skill and can’t be run with Killing Intent

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Her speed is fine I would assume. She’s gaining 4 extra attack and speed from her weapon (as well as defense and resistance but that might not even matter depending on how she’s used) plus an effective 5 speed from her B skill. That’s 48 speed before outside buffs. I don’t think she really needs that much more speed.

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Here weapon works well with solo’s, and Savage blow is more consistent on activating her weapon effect than Panic Smoke

JUST AN EXAMPLE !!! M.corrin supporting her with invisible buffs , plus a rally Atk/Spd + with Def/Res ruse skill to easily activate her B skill …ill let you do the Math

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M!Corrin makes everything better. :unicorn:

Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t her weapon require her to be within 3 spaces of an ally or else her weapon doesn’t activate, so solo skills wouldn’t seem like the best option but I could be reading it wrong.

Solo’s can be used while their is one space between an ally so xox or xoox so Solo’s can still be used and her able to get the effect, Solo’s are only disabled if an Ally is adjacent to them… it’s a reverse bond where bond’s are disabled when no allies are adjacent and active when allies are adjacent

Yeah I know what solos do I was just saying since you have to be 3 spaces of an ally for her weapon you might get times where she might be adjacent to an ally more often than other units, but I guess 3 spaces is a lot so it might not happen that often.

@Maskilraid Any ideas?

No it isn’t. Panic smoke will be an effect on the so it will activate her B skill. It’s easier to heal than to reverse a negative effect