Thrasir: Debuff Utility and Team Options

Don’t know if people have already brought this up or not, but I’ve been thinking about how Thrasir operates using debuffs (both visible and the rare in combat versions) and how this interacts with the weapon triangle. It’s probably already been said but since the weapon triangle applies to ATK only, the attacker’s buffs and debuffs are the only ones affected. This means that Thrasir is deceptively good at attacking red foes.

Because true damage (Flashing Blade 4) and enemy debuffs aren’t affected by the weapon triangle, the effective damage increase they provide isn’t reduced when Thrasir attacks a red foe. I checked the numbers and a +ATK Thrasir deployed with an ally with Chill RES 3 can KO a neutral IV Flora if Ifingr activates. A neutral Thrasir can do it too if she gets 2 extra ATK from a drive or hone skill.

And to this end, Chills are some of the best skills to bring along with Thrasir outside of AR. You don’t have to worry about positioning or RES/HP amounts like with ploy, threaten, or sabotage skills - Chills will always hit at least one foe and keep Killing Intent active. Chill RES 3 in particular grants her 7 damage per attack, and considering her speed that’s probably an extra 14 damage almost every time.

So yeah, units with Chill skills are great team options, especially Lilina who has Chill RES 3 in her Forblaze and can potentially carry 3 Chills at once. Dancers are great too, they can refresh units who took the Ifingr debuff and clear that away or give Thrasir a chance to hit foes that got hit by her Panic Smoke. I know people have talked about how Idunn is great with Thrasir but I’ve also noticed that L!Lucina is a great partner for Thrasir as well. When she uses future vision she drops any debuffs that Ifingr causes but keeps any buffs she has. Also if Wind and Anima seasons ever align, Thrasir and L! Lucina can gain Mythic/Legendary boosts from each other.

Anyways that’s just some thoughts I had on Thrasir’s utility, anyone got anything else?


Great analysis, the only other thing I can think of is a unit with harsh command +, but it’s a very hard skill to get since bridal Tanith is the only one to have it.

Also Welcome to Gamepress!

Thank you! And yes, I had thought of Harsh Command (+) but those are so rarely used/rare to have that I didn’t bother to mention them.


Duma’s instant 7 damage also goes really well with Thrasir since every enemy on the other team will be <100% HP, also a good team synergy since Duma can fill the tank role.