Thrasir IV's

I just pulled another Thrasir after a 12.5% rate. I also got one as my free summon. One is +atk and the other one +spd. Which one should I merge into the other one?


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I would recommend +Atk, as with Ifingr and Killing Intent active, her Spd should enough to double without a Spd asset.

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Definitely +Atk if you ask me.
She’ll still hit 48 Spd with her weapon and B-skill activated. And that’s before buffs or an A-slot/seal.


Do you care about AR defense? You can just use both

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Please delete yourself after saying something so disgraceful


I have a Yune and two bunnies, this post enrages me


She has high Spd anyway, and her Atk is only decent, and it’ll help her Atk stat.

Also congrats on pulling Thrasir! She’s really fun to use.

Not sure what was wrong with what I said…