Thrasir’s Stats are out!


Wow that Spd…
Also Spd is a super asset of course :feh_notlikethis:


Pretty much the statline I expected

She is kind of a better Lewin then ? Her requirements are a little bit clumsier though.

She reaches 45+ Spd just from her base kit :tooobin:

Obigatory meme for fast units.

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On the contrary, her requirements are much.easier to activate and she doesn’t die as easily as Lewyn given her high speed and defensive nfu. Enemies being debuffed or having taken danage can be achieved by any number number of things; Lewyn has a speed and HP check meaning he can be taken out of action simply by being maimed.

F!Byleth: hold my tea

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I was talking more about the ally debuff. But considering someone like Idunn can get better from it this is kind of debatable.

Then make sure the ally who receives the debuff is someone passive like b!lucina or l!azura?

Pretty much yeah. Someone you wouldnt really use in combat and therefore doesnt really care much about the debuff.


Female Byleth’s speed becomes 44 with base kit. Speed superboon is 48. And Thrasir with base kit alone and a neutral Spd IV can actually get an effective 48 speed from her tome condition and prf B skill. Spd boon makes it at least an effective 51.

Thrasir can’t double her if they both have +Spd or Neutral Spd, but still…


Her stats are almost the exact same as the stats found on Gamepedia, the only difference being she has 2 more spd here. This basically confirms Lif, Gustav and Hel’s stats as well, though they might be slightly altered when they’re released.

60+ spd meta is coming. I can feel it …

I was expecting this. The fact that she didnt get a special that abuse’s her spd does surprise me a little with how high it is

Give her Darting Blow 4 :feh_corrinmug:

Decent attack.
High speed.
Meh defense.
Okay resistance.

Wow, how original. :unicorn:

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Expecting a superboon in speed.

I mean it would be pretty weird if they actually did it differently considering this is her statline in the story mode. They did change a little bit her speed though.

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Aight so this changes nothing

At least if maxed out dragonflowers my Kliff beats her BST by 1

Get rekt


was really hoping she would have more impressive stats than this considering she’s a mythic, damn, why not just put her in the summoning pool.
i guess it’s nice that her speed is so good, but now it just feels lazy