Threaten atk/res 4 to any of the Lyons

Hello people
You all helped me how to build Eirika and with my build she is crazy, she even defeated a M!Kris :feh_eirikapat:

Just look

So I have come with more builds to use on Magvel Characters :fgo_meltbirb:
As the title implies, it’s about a wonderful antagonist, Lyon

I finally could promote bebe Lyon, and after hik, red Lyon will come, and then I will focus my feathers to Winter Félix so he can kick me harder :feh_felixperish:
I just thought, I have a winter Sothis that has collected dust since I started to use Brave Ephraim and Grima, and I saw that threaten could power up any of these good boys, so should I fodder the threaten to Young or adult Lyon? I think Fallen is ok with his base kit, but what about the other two??
I have another Winter Sothis somewhere too, so if you think I can give the threaten to both there is it
There are the post I did for the builds I olan to give them


Threatens really suck on ranged units, TBH. I dislike Threatens in general but outside of non DC melee units I see extremely little use for them

Their range is 2, which is the same as your range. Many enemies will attack you before the Threaten even takes effect, and if you kill them then, your C slot is useless

The only time it will activate is if a melee AI stumbles into range or if the ranged units survive your counterattack. Which honestly they won’t a lot of the time (and shouldn’t, because if a lot of them are surviving then that means your tank has horrible Atk)


Honestly winter Sothis has just so much better fodder in the form of DC and SF that I wouldn’t bother foddering her for the threaten.

It’s a fine skill, but I don’t think the impact it will have is more than DC or SF or both on another unit.

Are you planning to merge Smolyon? If so I personally really like the CC build, because he is a tanky boi

Close Counter Lyon

Build is really flexible. Mystic boost would be great in the B or S slot, and special is also flexible.


Atk/Res Menace is pretty much always gonna be much better for him and, especially, his allies.


To be quite honest I don’t know what C slot I’m going to give him
Bebe Lyon was going to have a Fallen Julia manual, would put to him the solo 4 and Panic smoke
And adult I literally have no idea apart from res smoke


So menace skills are the same as threaten? Or are they a different skill line altogether?

Because they seem like a superior skill

I looked again Lyon’s page in gamepress even though I don’t trust it enough and says that his C skill should be pulse smoke
I wouldn’t give him my own Ced, but he pitybroke me some time ago
Should I do it?

Depends on how seriously you take AR.

Gamepress is focused solely on it, because its really the only mode you can make objective claims about.

Pulse smoke is god there, but it doesn’t have as much use in other modes. If you are going to use him in AR, sure, otherwise no.

that feeling when you give a fucc about AR
Well that skill would help me in my defences, otherwise is dumb
So what should I put him?

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C skill doesn’t actually matter too much. If you want him to tank the old tried and true attack smoke is honestly just fine.

Using a solo? Slap a rouse on him.

Together with allies? Oath.

The C skill really is just the icing on the cake, it doesn’t matter for most builds.

No, Menace skills are related to Threatens, but are not the same

Threaten has a range of 2 and hits everyone in that range

Menace has a range of 4 but only hits the closest enemy or enemies. For instance, if one enemy is two spaces away and one three spaces away, it only hits the enemy two spaces away. If multiple enemies are equally far away and no others are closer, they will all be hit


I dislike Threatens in general but outside of non DC melee units I see extremely little use for them

I can full honestly agree on this

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What about these builds
I saw I had a Marianne manual, and I thought about giving her to him, rip the duel but there are lots of forms to give arena points to a unit

The one without a B is an Alternative in case the Marianne doesn’t look right, the B would be Null C disrupt or mystic boost but that food is too rare

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That’s actually pretty good for range threats. You can also consider a stance for guard as well.

Mirror stance 4 is available in the codes.

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