Three Finales must be the Charm! Discuss the Prototype Grand Finale here!

And here we are, the final Challenge Quest Guide and the final Summon Ticket for us to agonize over.

The pre-nerf version of the fight is a step up in difficulty, but it’s not really that different than the finale we know and love (delusional? what do you mean?). The same strategies work, more or less, but the damage criteria are more strict. Then again, we can select double Merlin all we like, so uh, those with strong supports or one of the top (SSR) DPS Servants for this fight will not really struggle. Or at least, I think so.

Soloing this fight though…well it makes for nice videos, but it’s not easy to pull off at all. I don’t recommend bashing your head against it solo-wise as a new Master, but some people are a bit masochistic or ticket-hungry. It’s still doable for fairly new Masters, but they will need to create a competent team or support a borrowed main DPS really well via Taunt chains, and other support. No small feat really, but the experience from the post-nerf version should help.

Oh, and if you haven’t cleared the post-nerf version…why are you trying this? Clear that one first! That gives a Crystalized Lore in addition to the ticket.

(Personal note): 15 Challenge Quest Guides…luckily this is a yearly thing and next year only has half the amount. I’m super glad this is over and I can go back to working on normal content! I hope you enjoyed the guides, and that they helped some of you clear the quest whether through soloing or creating a composition of your own. Enjoy your Mapo Tofu!


You crushed it! Thanks for all the work you did!


I welcome yet another chance to shame Nero on her own festival.

Thank you very much for the guides! They were/are a HUGE help.

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I’ll chalk this one down as another challenge quest I won’t beat no matter how much I try unless I take time outta farming to raise servants levels, skills, and do their interlewds/rank ups. Gave it a go 4 times, and each time I can’t get past Nero and all her added buffs plus her spamming imperial privilege which increases her defense every time despite being a chance thing.

But thanks @Sizzle for all these guides. They did wonders in my attempts at beating all but 2 challenge quests. But with the ones I won’t be beating, it’s not from lack of knowledge cuz of these guides you did for us.

If I may make a recommendation - consider running it again with 3 CS ready to burn. If you can just burn the first few Servants into Ash with a borrowed Merlin and your own best Servant, I bet you can get to Nero really fast with all skills available but some damage buffs. Or maybe borrow that NP5 Gilgamesh =P .

Or something similarly tactically cheap. Not like you’ll use the CS for anything else.

I plan on using 2 on the king Hassan challenge quest.

I only have a np2 friend Gil that’s level 100. I used him for the other Nero challenge quests. Tried him once on this one and that damn Nero fired of imperial privilege every turn with it upping defense every time 4 turns in a row… I was not amused.

Anyone have Maxed Chu Alter NP2 or higher I can borrow to try beating this?

I can’t even beat this shit borrowing an NP2 Cu. I’m not sure how the hell people are doing this

After several tries, I could not beat this without Double Merlins+ Holmes+ Gilgamesh (MLB dmg CE) and a command spell to clear the second wave (Ozy, Amakusa, and Nero). Finished off Nero’s remained Guts with Gil facecards
It was tougher than I thought. Without the second Hero Creation buff, I wouldn’t have enough damage to strike down Lalter, Ozy, and Amakusa with Gil NP1 even with help from Holmes NP.

The only people that can clear this CQ that i can see so far is either a whale with Gil/waver/Cu Alt/Mer/double Mer or Somehow RNG bless them ultra hard and clear it with Cu solo. IMO, this nutcase is harder than KH and Da Vinci combine for me ( guess my line up is bad when it come to this CQ ). Looking for a whale Cu Alter so that I can be done with this already .

Seriously though I’ve been doing it for 2 hours already. No luck at all. My comp is able to do it but I just have no luck. The worst card draws I could have, I failed 3 times already to Nero’s last 50k HP because her Imperial Privilege proc’d AND I GET WAVER ARTS CHAINS. Then stupid IA focus on anyone but the ones I need/want them to focus. I never had Martha live so damn much. For some reason freaking Medea decides to do BUSTER AFTER BUSTER. HER ONLY 2 ACTIONS AFTER RECEIVING CRIT RATE UP ARE 2 BUSTER CARDS. BOTH OF THEM IN MY BERSERKER.

I’ll keep doing it until I beat it. I was there 3 times already, I can do it, I know I can. RNGesus gotta bless me eventually, right? Right?


i just wanted to say that i didn’t get a mapo Tofu …but i got a romulus :frowning:

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I thought CQs were over… I wanted to use these 2 days for farming only, sigh

I tried it with the same setup as the post-nerf but somehow i’m having trouble this time.

Also just how tanky is Nero this time? My Jalter couldn’t even finish her first bar with NP+buster chain.

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i feel like ozy is the tanky ******* here
if he stacks 2 defensive buffs then he would nearly nulify all damage received xD
and yeah screw that imprerial privilege skill

I didn’t know there was one final CQ remaining. Went in with Jalter/Waver/Merlin/taunters/support Cu Alter and plowed through. Mismanaged some NP bars and defense buffs causing Merlin to die early, but I still completed it on the first try.
This was a breeze after the last two CQs.

Does anyone have tips on how to manage Nero? I can easily kill everyone aside from her with brute force Raikou + Wave + Merlin and a command seal but when I reach Nero her defence buff makes her near immune to damage and she hits like a god dam truck. I can see why they nerfed this CQ because this is just stupid.

Better leave Medea alone until you get rid of Nero last gut. Her 50% defend buff is no joke. But biggest problem with this CQ is the buff but some of them can be cleanse. So if you have someone who can dispel buff then it could make this quest a bit easier.

That was much easier than year ago, when I was lack of good servants (the only 5* I had was Tamamo). Anyway, Hassan was much harder.

Double Cu strategy works very fine here. At the end I just used Cu’s NP-B-B chains on Nero and Medea, spent 1 CS on it.

Ok managed to clear it with this team.

Medea’s poison got annoying really quickly so i brought Lily, still it was very hard and it took me lots of resets and 1 CS to charge Cu’s NP at the end. So glad it’s over.

It is over, right?

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