Three Houses recruitment question:

I can’t recruit Felix and Dorothea, even though I have B-rank in Swords/Authority and 20 Spd/25 Charm.
Does anyone know why?

I don’t play 3H, I’m sorry :catroll:
You could maybe just kidnap theme :morganagrom:

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Marked it as Spoilers :bklul:

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Thanks :bklul:


Do you have a support rank with them?

No. But I also didn’t have a support rank with Mercedes and could still recruit her.

Support points make it easier. I’m trying to recruit Felix myself and he’s not coming easily

I’m sure we’ll know the exact requirements eventually but for now just keep building your stats skills and support points. I got Ingrid by just having a D in flying with a C support


I’ve looked up Felix’s recruitment requirements and it said 15-20 Spd and B-rank in Swords. I guess they’re not fully accurate yet.

That would explain why I don’t have him… somehow I’m only C+ in swords

Well that’s weird
Maybe try to get a C support with them

Could there be a recruitment limit?
I already recruited 4 other students.

That too, but I don’t know

Rip I guess



You can recruit everyone (except Lords and retainers of course) but after you recruit someone the requirements increase. Reddit users suggested to recruit 2/3 students the first time you play, and then recruit everyone with the NG+.

So I guess that Felix’s requirements changed


I’ve recruited Felix with C+ rank sword and 18spd, only I was C support with him

I have the same ranks (19 spd though) but I’ve also recruited Lysithea, Shamir, Manuela, Hanemann, Marianne, and Ingrid in that order so my requirements went up for sure. Guess me and Felix are gonna have some tea till we hit that B support :tea:

Also I didn’t try to recruit Manuela and Hanemann (the others I worked for), they just had the option so I chose it. I didn’t expect them to accept lol

I’ve got Mercedes, Annette, and Ingrid. I don’t even use Annette, I just didn’t want to separate her and Mercedes…

That makes sense.
Thanks for telling me.

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Who all did you recruit? You’re Golden Deer, correct?

Sylvain, Linhardt, Bernadetta and Mercedes from other classes.
Also Cyril, Catherine, Shamir, Hanneman and Manuela.