Three Houses recruitment question:

Mercedes is a better Linhardt tbh. I got her and she was lower level and still better.
Also, Shamir is a better Bernadetta.
Both of these discoveries made me kinda sad…

Who do you think I should try recruiting next? I’ve only taken from blue lions.

I use both and I can confirm this is false lol

They both destroy literally everything they shoot


Doesn’t matter to me who’s better.
The game’s way too easy already.

True, wish I picked hard mode. But at least I went classic

I try to spread the EXP equally between all my units to make it harder. I’m quite underleveled, but the game’s still too easy for my taste.

I have Bernadetta to level 19. She’s a higher level than Shamir is and she can’t kill a damn fly. Maybe I just got really bad growths.

That is true. The game hasn’t been hard at all yet.

You probably did. I must’ve gotten lucky with strength, speed, and dexterity. Also Shamir comes as a sniper when you get her, and when Bernadetta promotes she gains some atk so that’ll probably close the gap

I’m a dirty grinder. Most of my units are around 23 cause I just do the one quest that doesn’t take any stamina over and over again.

There’s a quest that doesn’t require Stamina?
Didn’t know that.

I don’t know. I don’t NEED two snipers. I’m probably just gonna bench her.

Meanwhile I use all my units equally often (except Byleth) and can’t complain about any of them.

I’ve always had one mission that didn’t need any stamina to complete it. Do you not see them?

Most of my main team is bows and magic (except Edelgard and Byleth) since Caspar and Ferdinand kinda sucked for me. Petra is amazing with a sword though but she also uses bows.

I wouldn’t use it anyways. :feh_rein:

My Petra is so powerful. She’s a wyvern rider for me. I just need to get her lances up.

I can’t help it…
I grind in so many games

I only grind when there’s a need for it.

But Ban, grinding is so much fun :petrawink:

It is. When you can turn Exp off. :thinkinglikelukas: