Three Houses recruitment question:


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You didn’t get the sexual innuendo…

I’m Raku. :feh_nino:
Ban’s the one with the innuendos.

How have you been Raku?

Ban always lets me out for the gameplay of Three Houses. She finds that stuff boring and only wants to stare at Claude.

Do you still let her look at Claude at least?

Of course! :upside_down_face:
She got the money for the game after all.
I don’t know where she got it from…

You probably don’t want to know…
I can’t imagine it being something family friendly.

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Well tell Ban I said hi. Also include a Petra wink! Imma play three houses soon.

In which chapter are you?

I think I just finished 10. I’m guessing that pre time skip is only 12 chapters since each chapter is a month and that would make the year end. I’m honestly not doing so great in terms of certifications and crap tho. I need to do those.

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We’re both just as far! :hridexcited:

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And you have like three more people recruited than I…

Gameplay spoiler

Make sure to master the mage class tho. It gives you death blow for magic. I can’t remember the name of it.

Lysithea already learned that in Chapter 5. :feh_rein:
Her personal skill is insane.

What is it? Like I said in a different post, I would get her but I have s lot of magic units.

Double skill experience. That includes Class mastery.

Oh shit! Imma have to get her in my next play through. Or wait… what class is she from?

Best House
Golden Deer.

Well I won’t need to recruit her then! That’s my next play through.