Three QoL Features I want to see

There are so many QoL features they’ve added, with more still to come, and yet I can think of a few more that I know don’t exist, and I know I’d really appreciate if they got added…

  1. A Support Select Confirmation Prompt for Quest Reruns.

I have managed to avoid it so far, but it makes me nervous how if you so much as tap on the wrong part of the screen (like, say, you try to scroll by swiping the screen instead of grabbing the slider and using that, and it ends up registering as a tap instead of a hold to drag), you could accidentally go into a battle rerun with the wrong Support Servant. I do not like how it takes one tap on the Support Servant to immediately jump back into the fight. I do get that it’s meant to expedite the farming process, and I expect arguments for that reason, but it’s still all too easy to accidentally select the wrong Support Servant right now.

  1. Elimination of the “Dropped Mat Chests” in Free Quests in exchange for having the item itself be visible.

This is more of a nit-picky thing than anything else, and it’s actually a lead-up to QoL #3, but I hate how Class Gems drop from regular Free Quests (expects arguments for it). I don’t think it would bother me so much, however, if they didn’t drop using the same Silver/Gold chest icons as the actual mat you’re farming.
It leads to “bait-and-switch”, “you’ve been swindled”, and “it was intercepted” feelings whenever you see a Silver/Gold chest drop, and it turns out to be a Class Gem (ESPECIALLY the Gold ones; it leaves me seething when I finally get a Gold chest from a Nu or Maha Naga and it’s a freakin’ Class Secret Gem).
But if they just dropped as their visible selves (you actually see an Orb/Gem/Crystal drop from the enemy), I don’t think it would be nearly as irritating. And they can still keep the Chest icon (compete with upgraded quality depending on the items collected) in the HUD for you to check later if you need.
And this should apply to everything. They already do it for event currency, so they should do it for every mat. That way you’ll know if you got a Seed or a Feather from the Amazon, for example. The dropped chests were a cute idea; but only on paper.

  1. A Class Gem Exchange System.

Following up on the previous concept, is this one.
I have enough Blue Class Gems to turn seven Olympic Swimming Pools into the world’s largest Ball Pits. I’ll never use them all. I’m certain nobody will. These things are piling up and proving to be completely useless and worthless. Thank goodness they don’t occupy some kind of limited storage capacity. This seriously needs to be refined somehow.
And the best way I can think of would be through a system where you can exchange a quantity of a lesser kind for one of a greater kind, much like how Bronze, Silver and Gold shop currencies work. It would be worth it even if the rates were bad (like, 50 Blues for one Red, and that’s hyperbole), and would take a ton of pressure off of the perpetual dearth of Secret Gems (most) everyone suffers from.
That way, every time you get a Blue Gem, you can just tell yourself, “one more for the exchange for a Gold” instead of “I essentially got nothing”.

Those are just some of my thoughts. I hope these interest people. I’d love to see them get implemented, but one of the downsides to being a nobody is that you rarely get to see what you want to happen, actually happen.


Those aren’t bad.

Personally, if I could pick 3:

  1. Account binding to Google / Twitter / Line ID.

  2. Ability to replay Story, esp. Boss fights!

  3. Option to X-up farming, so I can pay 3x AP to get 3x sets of rewards.


Oh I’d be especially big on story reruns. It’d essentially be like having a New Game+ feature.

I’d love to use Goetia for Big Damage Strat Practice.


Nope, basically everyone hates it.

The only players who benefit from gem drops are new players, and that’s only until they encounter their first lottery. Even if they play rather casually, the combination of guaranteed rewards from lotteries and a regular drip of gems from scripted quest drops keeps them from starving.


I want the servant pop ups when you use as skill that’s targetted not to be evenly spaced across the screen like they are now where the middle servant is in the middle of the screen but over the servants themselves

I go to target my middle servant and I have to reach over to where the farthest right one is standing because they aren’t centered themselves and the little difference bugs me to no end :fgo_yumad:


I’m not entirely opposed to Class Gems drops, as I’m currently Gem locked on both Rider and Caster. Sure, it’ll resolve itself, eventually, but I have many SR/SSR Servant Skills stuck at 5 or 6 for a lack of Gold Gems. Lotteries aren’t a guaranteed fix if one keeps adding more Servants of the same class. Farming Gold Gems sucks pretty badly.

If there was a 10:1 trade up with a top-tier QP conversion like we have with farming mats, I’d be delighted!

Lotteries are a guaranteed fix.

You don’t have to go crazy with them to keep up unless you’re also whaling a bunch of Servants and wanting to raise them all, in which case you might hit an occasional bottleneck, but that’s it.

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Is that so? I do a pretty decent job in the Lotteries, but 100 boxes is only 100 Caster Gems.

I don’t whale - I’m F2P aside from a couple GSSRs. You’re right that I do want to raise them all. This year has been phenomenal, getting Waver, Tammy, Rhyme, Merlin, Castoria, and Miyu (plus Seig) after lucking into Skadi and CasGil at the end of last year. 51 Gems to 10/10/10 a meta SSR plus another 17 for their Append adds up pretty fast, and I’ve only been able to get the meta supports to 10/10/10 along with various NP charge skills.

I like to think I’m building a good roster, but it’s not that easy to just get gems out of nowhere, which is why I support continuing Gem drops and esp. OP’s notion of trading up.

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Pushing for at least 150+ boxes twice per year would definitely help, but if going very casual on lotto, you’d just need to triage a bit.

E.g., Waver functions fine for most players with minimal skill investment, Tamamo’s s2 is terrible, Nursery Rhyme is a complete love pick, etc. it may not be feasible to raise everyone, but becoming functional is easy enough.

Eventually, you’d run a surplus without whaling additional Servants, but it would take longer going light on lotto.


I think you might have a somewhat skewed perspective on how many lottery boxes “not having to go crazy” or “very casual” is. For my first several years I tended to open about 20-30 boxes per lottery event. Recently I’ve started hitting closer to 50, and my current record is 75 with the recent Shishou-fest.

I think whether or not one uses FGA probably makes a huge difference in the number of boxes one gets from lotteries. Obviously we don’t have hard statistics on what percentage of FGO users use FGA, but I’d guess while it might be over 50% of users on these forums it’s probably under 50% overall.


I would be surprised if it’s more than 10% overall…

Personally, without FGA I don’t think I would be able to do more than 50 boxes or so.


TIL 100+ boxes is “very casual”.

As before, I think I’m functional: meta supports 10/10/10 ML 10, almost all NP charge skills on non-meta Servants at 10.

X to doubt a minimum of 150 boxes for most players. Hell, I doubt the average FGO player on GP hits 150+ boxes on their last 2 Lotteries.

  1. Being able to use more than 20 embers at once

  2. Super/Great successes refund embers if you hit the level cap

  3. Filter Servants/CEs on support screen


I wish we’d somehow get a subscription pack.

Been wanting one ever since i experienced them.

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Different strokes. My limit on manual farming is 200-250 in a lotto, but I find that willingness to eat more SQ is the limiting factor, not time.

I was speaking more generally about the hypothetical player who is working with a limited quantity of gems and looking to raise some of the Servants you had mentioned.

And yeah, I’d characterize under 100 lottery boxes as fairly casual for anyone who reads and participates on these forums, because we all know how useful those events are and that they are worth the apples and a bit of repetition.

Even if one were to go “very casual” and do less, they’d be in an okay spot as long as they prioritized carefully (unless they grabbed two or three major targets within a short time).


I stop at 150-200, full manual farming but I understand how degenerate that is.

Tbf Castoria comps make it much faster than before. Using an extra ST NP and an inconsistent w2 during Da Vinci lotto and still pulling 160 boxes - now that was degen


Whales spend sq as AP!? :fgo_jeannoo:


Some do in general, like for rushing bond.

I do it only for lottos, when my apples are gone. Can recycle some of the bond 11+ SQ rewards to good effect, too.


I admit that I did spend some sq as AP in my early stages but outright using it to farm is absurd for me :fgo_jeannoo: