Tibarn Build

So I just free summoned a +atk tibarn from his banner and don’t know what to do about his build. Thoughts?

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He has a good base kit, you can swap the chill for desperation and give him gale force and Heavy blade in the s slot and he is ready.


I don’t particularly like Desperation on Tibarn since he really needs that enemy counterattack to proc Galeforce in one round, but then again I use him primarily in MS where everyone has such bloated stats that he can never one shot anyone and often can’t one-round most melee units anyway. So I run Renewal on him there because he needs to survive for all seven turns and the extra bit of healing is extremely helpful for that. Desperation is probably okay in most other modes, though.


Oh, that’s fair point, I run him with dancers, and I don’t think a lot about the special counter. Then I guess the chill attack is actually ok too, for surviving (?)