Ticket Advice

I’ve been playing since last fall and am looking for some advice on the two anniversary tickets and also the Vulcan / Indra ticket. I’ve read the tier list (repeatedly) and Gamepress guide and am leaning towards:

Operator Voucher - Liskarm - my roster lacks good defenders and I know she provides some unique benefits between her ranged attack and SP charge.

Senior Operator Permit: Warfarin. My healers and buffers are sorely lacking.

Vulcan / Indra - Vulcan seems to have less overlap with my roster and I have good Ops to support her.

Photos of my roster below. Any advice would be most welcome!


You sound like you have a good handle on your choices as your logic is sound and your picks are good. So I’ll just suggest some good alternatives.

You actually have one of the best and cheapest defender/defense units of the originals already with coura.

Ptilopsis is also a good Medic choice for the boost in auto sp gain plus healing range extension. Silence is also another popular 5 star Medic and looked favorably because of her summonable healing drones. In case you want alts to warfarin.


No need buff for now, get Ptilopsis :fgo_seibagun:

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Thank you both! Going to do some reading up to compare the healer options…

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This is kind of unrelated to your decision,
but you seem to already have some helpful advice about that.

I noticed you’ve raised Spot and Steward for their factory bonuses, and so I’d suggest you also e1 Vermeil for the same reason. She turns Noir Corne and Coura into top earners

So it’s like a 3 for 1 deal
There are some others you could think about raising for the base as well.
Gamepress did a pretty detailed guide:

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Why don’t you take Pramanix instead of Liskarm?
Ptilopsys is a good choice as suggested above for sp battery, but Pramanix is a debuffer and the first operator with Fragile( increase damage taken by enemies with less than 40% of their health).
It’s just a suggestion because Pramanix is not meta, but she add something to your roster.
Only 3 operators have fragile Pramanix/Suzuran and Shamare.

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Thank you! I’ve been meaning to raise Vermiel but have prioritized E2M3 for a few key ops I’ve been lucky to pull and rounding out my roster functionally. As soon as I finish at least E2 Chalter I plan to come back to Vermeil.

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Got incredibly lucky and pulled a Top Operator / Medic tag combo (my first Senior or Top Operator recruit!), giving me Shining.

Think I’ll now go with Ptilopsis since Shining is ST and the synergy with SA and others is nice