Ticket Results

The only significant thing I pulled was a +Spd -Res Rhajat.

(First copy of her, so I’m keeping her.)

What’d y’all get from the tickets?


Bad and another Hinata

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All random 4* :elisad:

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Got Norne and Ophelia on my first circle :flaynsmile:

2 tickets later,a -spd Phina :catroll:

But hey,I can’t complain :upside_down_face:

Nagi and Bantu

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I want Bantu…


For my tickets I got a Nagi, Mercedes, and a Hilda.
My luck was actually insanely good on this banner.

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Love how you pulled someone pretty

Then that ugly dude lmao

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I got the same character I always get on my free summons, Jack

-Spd Mareeta :man_shrugging:

First ticket got me the first one, second ticket was Athena, third ticket got me a M!Morgan, but another Phina was in that circle, last ticket and only green orb in a circle (and no reds) got me a Cherche manual.

Ticket #2 got me Nagi.

At the moment I am pondering what to give her for a C skill. Ward Armor, Hone Armor, Fortify Armor/Dragons, Atk Ploy, or…whatever.

Got nothing but 3-4 star units, then out of nowhere I get a Keaton! :hridexcited:

But he’s -atk +res :elisad:

Tickets? Not much. :tooobin:

Mediocrity. But that Nino is +Def and I’m now tempted to make a high merged +Def Nino. :thinking:

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Got a green armored dragon, but not Nagi.

Still better then only getting 3-4 stars on the free summons.

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Yo, can you pass that Cecilia, I only need two more to have enough to +10 her :eyes:

Wish I could. I have six more manuals of her.

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