Tier 1 Red Sword Unit Rankings

A little help here. I’m a semi-noob to FeH and I rely on the Tier lists a little bit to help guide my building choices. However, Red Sword tier 1 is kind of bloated right now. So, to help guide me a little, could the community rank the top 10 in the game and then the 3 units they would demote to Tier 2? The units are:
Byleth Female
Byleth Male
Halloween Hector
Legendary Eliwood
Valentine’s Ike


bloated it is. it really depends on what mode you’re interested in - pve/abyssals, AR, arena/AA, and just as importantly, what role you expect the unit to play, although this is all made a bit simpler since we are comparing units with the same weapon type. i.e. altina might as well not exist for a player who refuses to touch AR.

most of us probably would agree that the tier list (ideally) should be split into several subtypes.

if we’re talking very broadly…

*larcei, mareeta, shannan are the three best general use swords in the game, and i don’t think many would disagree.

*ares/lavetein/altina are more for specific roles in AR.

  • L! eliwood is mostly a support and among the best at what he does.

*the byleths are good but have been powercrept a bit by the first three i mentioned.

  • laslow is great as a support/hybrid char and is very f2p friendly.

  • the armored swords, ymmv, but h! hector is probably the best by quite a margin.

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Seriously,looking at his list there are units you can’t ideally compare to the other.

Thanks. This came about because I just happened to get a Larcei on the Easter Banner. I was kind of lost on how that trio (Larcei Mareeta, and Shannan) fit in with the older ones I know like Byleth.

Now, what exactly is Laevatein’s role in AR? I’ve had her for a long time with decent IVs but never invested much.

Laev is mainly used as a Vantage sweeper since she can hit possibly over 100 Atk due to her Bladetome Sword :feh_birbpeek:

Though I’d say Laslow’s better in that role while also being much cheaper.
More damage unless he’s dealing with very high defense enemies, faster Miracle charges, doesn’t have to worry about Lulls and Panic (on himself at least) and also has more bulk for taking the first hit.

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