Tier 4 B Skill's

So we have Tier 4 Skills in both A and C slot’s (even if there is only what 1 Tier 4 C skill)… so when do you all think we will get are first Tier 4 B skill… and what would you want and or expect it to be…

I’d want QR4 to come soon So Oboro can have a Tier 4 skill in all 3 slot’s

But I’d expect it to be Desperation


Please be Guard


Guard would be a nice tier 4 skill to have… depending on what else comes with it

Guard or QR deserve it most, I’d say. Maybe Breakers too. Or Pass


Brash assault

breakers would take too long, they just threw that shit into the infantry skills

NB4 Breaker4 skill’s also get TA on them

True, there’s a lot of them :thinking:

WoM/Escape Route are also possible.


Audino whether that’d be a good or bad thing

Both, but mostly bad

Seems about right

WoM 4 Unit can move adjacent to an ally with <100% Hp

Yes, [Guard] would be nice, this skill needs something to give it more relevance, the 80% threshold at LV3 makes it pretty unconvincing, specially when we have other kinds of alternatives such as [Witchy Wand+], [Special Fighter 3] and the LV4 {stance} skills :feh_birbpeek:.

Others we may have maybe: [Quick Riposte], [Brash Assault], [Desperation]… not really sure but they could have large HP thresholds of activation :thinking:
About [Desperation] maybe something else instead of increasing the activation range… maybe reduce an stat during battle?


QR4 would most likely go down to 60% otherwise Roy/Faye eff refines would be a big rip if they go any lower, but I can see them leaving it at 70% adding an additional effect like adding +2 Def/Res or something

Desperation would probably stay at 75%, but adds maybe +2 Atk/Spd maybe

Brash Assault would be the trickier one tho… I would just say put Desperation built into it since that is usually the best combo with it… but Idk

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Yes, at most the minimum can be 50% for [Quick Riposte] simce that’s the minimum requirement for Faye and Roy’s refines.

Overall well-balanced ideas, not bad.

Hmm, maybe, I was thinking [Brash Assault] could get the maximum at 60 or 70 percent… it could also stay and grant that or maybe anti follow-ups :thinking:

And Brave Hector but he doesn’t really need the QR as much as the other two

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That’s right, his [Maltet] is pretty good already and he still has to get the refine in maybe the next year, he may become something strong with it

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I’m gonna guess a sweep as the first T4 (includes “phantom spd”) but Guard/QR need it way more thanks to those BS fighter skills that powercrept the he’ll out of them.

What I’d want them to upgrade? Most of the free b slots should get a 4th version, skills like Mystic Boost, NFU, Wrath, Fighter skills are miles ahead of them and are almost always used when making an end goal for a unit. I expect most of the better ones (like Guard, QR, Desperation) to make it and for them to give up on stuff like Cancel Affinity and breakers, one thing that I feel is a possibility is that they could just have Red/Blue/Greenbreaker which is just a breaker skill but works for all of that colour.

You mean those skills that are the only thing stopping infantry making armours completely obsolete?