Tier 4 smoke candidate help

Have a few mostly +10’s that I assembled. Just looking for input on possible good candidates

Thank you!

Which T4 smokes are we talking about? Both of them? Just one of them? Is there any difference between the units in the first picture vs the ones in the second that you’re trying to convey? Just feels like we could probably use some more details here to help give better advice.


My apologies!
I have fodder for both attack and speed smoke 4!

Both images aren’t in any specific group, just a list of them all!


I’d focus on giving Spd Smoke to those fast units who can’t naturally get dodge skills and can already do mixed phase work. No sense giving it to someone who’s otherwise fully player phase focused, may as well use a menace for them.
Personal bias says speed focus built Nowi and L’Arachel but Petrine, Marcia and Seteth will have the stats to make great use of it.

Atk Smoke can be used by anyone as even fast tanks can always appreciate stopping forced follow-ups but I’d prioritise the slow ones who can’t block natural doubles.


To start with, I’d recommend using them on a Cavalry/Flier since they can get the most from the units that come with the T4 smokes, and they also can’t generally get the additional Smoke effects, but Infantry is fine if it’s someone you know is gonna make very good use of it.

I gave Atk Smoke 4 (+ extras) to my +5 regular Sigurd and he’s very fun with it. He has a very strong bruiser refine but, unlike his son, he can’t use skills like NFU. So having antifollow-up with his forced follow-up with workable Speed is quite strong. He can also safely engage in combat to activate the Smoke. Remember that they won’t do anything without fighting first.


I second this. While there are plenty of units there who have the spd for it, some are just better off sticking to the PP anyway. Like B!Eirika as an example. Sure, she definitely could pull off a mixed phase build with spd smoke, but she’s already so well optimized for PP why bother fixing something that isn’t broken? I’d say all the examples you mentioned are good ones, although personally I’d just build L’Archel for pure PP. But that’s just my preference.

As for atk smoke, basically any non-save EP tank will make good use of it.


Honestly was high key considering slapping spd smoke 4 on duo byleth for shits and giggles. But I only have 3 Fallen Lillith. So that experiment is going to wait. Brave Claude is a priority as is summer Leonie


Slow and bulky units that aren’t armors are the ones who appreciate atk smoke 4 the most for giving the wary fighter in addition to all that extra bulk. I’ve heard Fallen Lyon is a popular candidate but him needing a near save armor in addition to the rise of anti-DR ranged attacks makes it a bit questionable imo. That +10 Nowi you have there could be a good candidate if you aren’t speed stacking with her. Halloween Female Grima is one of the best options I see. She has a DC weapon, healing, not weak to arrows and has Dragon’s Ire for auto follow ups. Adding more bulk with follow up denial would make her an effective flying tank with DC and sustain.

Speed Smoke 4 is loved by units with high speed that either can’t get DR or have the B slot already used up for whatever reason. It is worth noting that to get the DR you’ll have to attack someone without it active and have the stats to survive any further attacks on the enemy phase. L!Marth could be a good pick. He can stat ball better than most (so he has bulk and speed) and he wants to use his prf skill so he can’t fit DR into his kit otherwise. Ayra might not be bad either since she generally wants Null Follow Up in her B slot and her refine covers many other bases. Usually it’s recommended to put this skill on cavs/fliers without DR but I find the ones you have questionable as choices to use it.


Good taste on Leonie. She would be high on my list too if I ever see more Lilith. Sadly only saw the spark copy on the banner. Only 1 Gustav too.
Need to get some NY Lyre when she’s on a dual special banner to pass Lilith’s catch and smoke as I’d love both skills for Arete, L’Arachel and Leonie at least.


Thanks for the input everyone!

Nowi is plus speed atm. I’ll keep her in mind atm as I’ve been using her stacking speed
Legendary Claude I thought about giving spd smoke 4 to but H!Robin might be the better candidate so I think that’s who will get that.

I gave ares one of my atk smoke 4 and it’s been VERY fun on tempest trials with him.

L’Arachel is used mostly PP for me.
I did think about slapping a close counter variation on my Fallen Lyon and attack smoke 4.

Again thanks for the input!!


Had I known the catch 3 was on the new years demote I’d have pulled her. Now here I am having skipped one banner entirely, making foddering skills immensely difficult. Luckily I threw a Farina at my Leonie. Just pulled a bridal Shanna for the far trace


Man, we really need A/S Catch 3 on a regular demote/grail unit ::feh_hecstare:

I wanna do something like this: