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Dragalia Lost Adventurer Tier List

It’s time again to update the Tier List! For broader discussion and better placements, I thought we could have a topic just for testing the update. This will remain the main Tier List, with additional lists for Void Battles, Imperial Onslaught and High Dragons being on other pages. So this one should be an accurate general reflection of the roster. Let me know what you think!

-CHANGES 03/18-

Gala Ranzal to Tier 1

Albert, Xander, and Dragonyule Cleo are now in Tier 2
Gala Sarisse in Tier 1

-CHANGES 04/03-


Fleur and Laranoa in Tier 2


First of all, I would like to thank you for keeping the Tier List up to date and trying to include the thoughts of the community regarding it. Even though the feedback form exists, making the discussion truly two sided (outside of reddit, because reddit is a really bad place for discussion in general) will surely help to refine this Tier List.

With that, I would like to give my thoughts on the list itself:


  • Adventurers are divided into five categories according to their element, which is great, however, I think a sixth categories specifically for healer should considered for two reasons: (1) Healers fill fundamentally different roles, therefore ranking them in the same manner doesn’t really make sense (2) While playing off-element non-Healers is not advisable, neither for High-Dragons (vulnerability + lack of damage) nor for IO (same here), off-element Healers in general have a much easier time in High-Dragons (due to their high HP → HP-Check easier to clear) and are sometimes even needed (i.e. Auto-IO)

  • High Dragons should be valued a lot more than IO. Even at their “hardest form” (on auto), IO are a lot more forgiving concerning requirements than High Dragons are, so, as kind of a little disclaimer, I would generally place adventurers fit for IO but unfit for High Dragons around one tier lower than adventurers where the opposite is true.

  • In kind of the same vein, making a separate tier list for IO and High Dragons might be reasonable in the future, but right now, the roster is simply not big enough and makes thing overly complicated. A tier list is not meant to be a definite ranking, but rather a kind of suggestion to make new players get a feeling for how each adventurers performs relative to others. An objective ranking is nearly impossible anyway.

  • As Void Battles are not considered in this tier list (and I was not able to clear every battle on auto yet), I will not consider them as well for now. In Coop, they are trivial anyway (regarding requirements). Some feedback from someone that has cleared every battle on auto would be greatly appreciated.

  • For my overall ranking of each adventurer, I will take the DPS simulations from b1ueb1ues heavily into consideration, as well as some individual tests based on his tool. Those should at least take care of the whole offensive utility of an adventurer safe for the co-abilities. If I do not list an adventurer, than it is because I believe their place on the tier list is justified

  • For the elements Fire and Shadow, I will barely take IO into consideration at all. Wind IO is generally considered comically easy even with off-resistance characters (a sentiment which I can confirm) and Light IO can be cleared with off-resistance characters as well, due to the fact that attacks still generate SP even when missing, so healers are barely inconvenienced by blinds. (In general, my difficulty ranking for IO is Water>Shadow>Fire>Light>Wind)


  • Ezelith (2) → (3): Ezelith’s damage is underwhelming. In IO, Karl outperforms her in DPS (even when Ezelith has a maxed Co-ability), Overdrive damage as well as having Dragon Haste as his co-ability. In HMS, she is helplessly outperformed by Mikoto, Vanessa and (a good) Gala Sarisse, while barely out-dpsing Euden with maxed Co-ability without having Dragon-Prep or Stun resist. Otherwise, she doesn’t offer any defensive utility either. IMO, she is definitely at the low end of tier 3

  • Vanessa (3) → (2): Honestly, I might even consider her tier 1 worthy, but as the HP requirements of HMS got progressively lower, her co-ability got less valuable as well. Her damage is almost on par with Mikoto (granted, without his co-ability) and her co-ability makes IO trivial even without Sleep resistance. Just a straightforward, great adventurer

  • Xania (5) → (4): Her damage is on par with that of Aoi. Even though she does not have the +8% overdrive damage, putting her one tier below Aoi would be unreasonable. Every other adventurer in tier (5) pales compared to Xania.


  • Elisanne (3) → (2): Her damage vastly outperforms that of Xainfriend without sacrificing a significant amount of defensive utility. The only downside to her current kit is the lack of 100% burn resistance, which makes Xainfriend a much better choice in HBH. In every other content, however, Elisanne fills Xainfriends niche better than him, and considering a 50% burn resistance wyrmprint is bound to be released sooner or later, putting her below Xainfriend is wrong. At that point, I would even suggest putting her in tier 1.


  • Gala Ranzal (2) → (1): Even if he is slightly outdamaged by Maribelle (that is at 100% most of the fight), his overdrive damage, defensive utility, Dragon Haste and dual resistances make him worthy of being in the same tier as her.

  • Lin You (2) → (1): Having the strongest defensive co-ability in game bundled with insane DPS and Bog resistance will make her a staple in HMC. In Addition to that, she is even able to clear Water IO (which I consider the hardest) on her own (https://www.reddit.com/r/DragaliaLost/comments/b01cmf/beat_water_io_master_solo_with_just_a_lin_you/ ) without having to rely on freeze resistance. Personally, I would even rank her above Maribelle.

  • Addis (3) → (2): Thanks to bleed, his DPS is exceptionally high. With Water IO being Water IO, a high DPS melee unit as lead is very much appreciated. The only thing holding him back from being tier 1 is his lack of Bog resistance.

  • Melody (5) → (3): Really underestimated here. Her DPS is on par with that of Addis and only her lack of 100% freeze resistance (she still has 75%) make her slightly worse than him. However, she is a great replacement for him in case people were unable to summon him during the New Years banner

  • Hawk (3) → (4): Even tier 5 would be appropriate. His DPS is one of the lowest of all Wind adventurers and him having Freeze resistance instead of Bog resistance places him below Louise in my opinion. At least he is ranged, so his damage uptime will be higher compared to melee adventurers


  • Honestly, this ranking is pretty accurate (atleast for non-healer)


  • Curran (2) → (1) or Sazanka (2) → (1): I think they both deserve to be in the same tier. They are basically the same adventurer, only that Sazanka sacrifices a bit defensive utility (co-ability) for the chance to sleep. The better question would be, if they both are on the same level as Ieyasu. While Ieyasu’s raw numbers are unmatched, his skill animations are more than horrible which can make him vulnerable to an upcoming High Zodiark. Other than that, he offers less defensive utility than both Curran and Sazanka.

  • Botan (3) → (2): Basically the same thing that applies to Elisanne apply to her.


  • Vixel (4) → (3): Having recovery on his S1 makes him a great addition to Hildegard in IO, as well as being a great budget replacement for her in general.

  • Heinwald (2) → (?): Just some quick thoughts on him, because I am really not sure how to rank him. His healing capablities seem to be a lot lower than those of conventional healers, while having significantly more DPS. While this seems to be a fair trade-off, I can’t really stop to think that this makes him not optimal under most circumstances. Content that needs a healer might need more than just Heinwalds (think High Dragons), while having him alongsides another healer might be overkill. Guess only time will tell.

Alright, this has gotten a lot longer than I thought, even though most of my suggested changes are small. If there are any questions, or if anyone disagrees with me, please hit me up. I personally dont have every single adventurerso some ratings are purely based on what I can find online.


For me, I’d say:

Maritumus: 4 -> 5
The only dragon I have a problem with, yes he is the free budget for those without the MUB Silke, but he’s basically shadow og Midgard, and yes he’s slightly better than that statwise, but he also inflicts freeze, which is weird and off element, meaning all he has in a practical sense is a skill with controllable direction.

Ku Hai: 5 -> 4
Double wyrmprints will give the critical chance support he needs, the cap of 15% is still fine, its not like a dagger user getting to 35-40% but it still works since he has the chance up on the second skill and the super critical damage up skill.

Estelle: 6-> 4-5
Yes, she has a weird Force Strike boost unlike Ricardt’s defense passive, but we’ve also gotten two free light weapons, yes they are 3*, but Estelle is a good budget option for starting players.

Due to the double wyrmprint and the ability to mix critical chance up and critical damage up and overdrive punisher and more, daggers in general will do better and a few others like Ku Hai I mentioned before will also benefit for the same reasons, all enough to overcome individual shortcomings or restrictions by debuff resist and purpose:
Orsem: 3 -> 2
Melsa, Fritz, Musashi, Luther: 4 -> 3
Melody & Aoi: 4 -> 3.5, really on the fence, not sure if inferior stats are enough to get to Tier 3.

Xainfried: 2 -> 1
Two Reasons, Gale of Beauty and Dragon Bretheren. Mix one with a broken punisher print like Indeliable Date (Free Valentines) or Worthy Rivals or One With The Shadows. The Dragon Time meme with High Mercury is upon us. Let the break state memes begin.

To Kisa: You make great points, but I’d say:
Botan should stay since she doesn’t have the same buff time up that water Elisanne does due to that Thaumian’s bane, and I don’t see the capability of bleed as enough to ignore that. Also the partial debuff resist is something to be compensated for in the double wyrmprint system, which is something that makes her plausible, but is also not optimal for builds. Same for Elisanne, though I do agree with Tier 2, but not 1.

Vixel may very well be deserving of Tier 3, but I’m real on the fence and will say 3.5, the sleep res 100% is weird.

Hawk is deserving of Tier 5, stun is the one debuff all high dragon trials will 100% resist. This relegates his usefulness strictly to IO and certain event conditions, and even then those tree trunks in water IO really get in the way, which makes melees like Addis and people with wide aoe skills that go through the tree trunks like Maribelle way better.

Everything else I agree with or have no contest to with Kisa.

Thanks for opening a space for discussion on this!


That is the thing: Bleed is indeed able to compensate almost entirely for the lacking Buff time (both because her buff is on her S2, and she doesn’t have the +Buff time% passive). Compare (the blue part is bleed):

The calculation assume a total of 3500 DPS for all other team members combined btw. For teams with only high tier adventurers, this is a little bit low, so Elisanne will pull ahead a bit in those cases. Still, I would consider both tier 1, as long as appropriate resistance wyrmprints exist (otherwise tier 2), as I think the difference doesn’t really warrant an entire tier.
On a side note, there was some talk on reddit about elemental resistance wyrmprints actually granting affliction resistance against enemies of the corresponding element. That would mean that with an MUB Happy New Year! wyrmprint, Botan could already reach 100% paralysis resistance. No one has actually tried it out of course (I surely hope nobody has an MUB Happy New Year! haha).


Also a side note for like user friendliness and layout of the tierlist/pages:
A lot of the descriptions/character pages include wyrmprints by effect without regard to elemental/weapon restrictions, most common are mislabeled Crit based ones like Kicking Back and Prince of Dragonyule.
Also star/mark/symbol budget 3* worth leveling as a new player or create a page for the good 3* as they will easily make things easier during early development/deciding how much reroll is enough since 3* can compensate.

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Thanks for the feedback! I’m adding Laranoa and Fleur now-- both in Tier 2. Right now the Tiers have fixed sizes, but that’s getting difficult when many of these suggestions propose promoting several characters. Instead of having “top X% in Tier 2” maybe it should be “every character rated 9 or above is Tier 2”? As new characters are added at higher rarities, the second approach might make more sense.

Ezelith down to Tier 3
Hawk down to Tier 4
Odetta up to Tier 2 based on the DPS sims because holy crap

Addis is interesting because I think having Freeze Res works to his advantage when that’s so scarce. Rating Musashi higher just because of Bog Res feels dishonest, even though I otherwise agree that being good at High Dragons is worth more than being good at other content. Now that the list is back to being average, it might be worth equalizing everything and putting back the elemental/resistance filters at the top of the list. In the meantime, Tier 2 is a good compromise since I’ve even had people propose to put him right beside Ieyasu in 1.

Melody and Xania are both in 4 right now, but Melody could fit into 3 and I had her there in some draft versions so she’ll move up as well. Poor Hawk, beaten by a 3★…

Xainfried I’ll wait till we actually have HMC, but I’m excited for what he can do with Shapeshifting and extra dragon time.

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I… I have a MUB Happy New Year. Tried getting the uniques in the pull and never got that darned dragon Marishiten …

Going to test that out right now in Avenue of Fortune.


Okay, looks like you’re right, unless it reduces the effect chance and every pot has a <90% chance to inflict the status effect.

I went in and probably got hit thousands of times over three runs and not a single paralysis infliction caused.

Very interesting…

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