Tierlist: All Free-to-Play Merge Projects

This tierlist is still a work in progress. It only includes free to play units that can be merged. (No B!Ike, Y!Marth, Altina etc) This list may be of help to new players or experienced players that can’t decide on their next project. It’s also a fun way to discuss the current meta.

Feel free to suggest changes but provide an objective reason if you do. I tried my best to make a good tierlist but we’re dealing with a lot of units, it will most certainly not be perfect. Any help is appreciated. I’m making adjustments with every update

  • Arena scoring was not a criteria to be placed in higher tiers, but I did keep Arena in mind, so if you’re looking for another character for your Arena core this tierlist might still be of help but you have to check how they score
  • Resplendent alts are taken into consideration to some decree
  • I do take good fodder into account. Some units will need a few premium skills to reach their potential. FEH is a game about good investment. If you’re a new player feel free to ask for build ideas in this thread! :feh_nino:

inexcusable, ___ is in __ tier and this is a travesty in my completely unbiased opinion, you’re dumb and look like a shallot


Thank you for providing a template :feh_nino:


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Interesting tierlist, putting Tier D above all other tiers is a bit odd when making a list, but to each their own.


Reyson always seems to rank highly on lists like this. Not saying I disagree, but I’m curious what makes him so special.


Passive healing, potential 3 movement, Sing

Amazing utility for a F2P unit


Gray isn’t F2P


No, I mean, I get his strengths as a unit, but is it really necessary to merge him up? It’s not like the extra stats are really going to change his function


He also has a very well-rounded statline that benefits greatly off merges. He can be used to tank a hit or 2 and he’s fast enough to not get doubled. He can also be used in Galeforce comps


Prf weapon for arena score? Also, he’s just pretty.


So what exactly is taken into account here? AR Offense? Defense? PvE content?

I have… A lot of questions about this list, lol.


A lot I can agree with but also a lot I disagree with :feh_eirikathink:

Yay for opinions! :feh_nino:


Well, to be honest I didn’t focus on a single mode. I took most game modes into account but most prominently Aether Raids (offense and defense) but also PvE content. It applies to most modes but some units, although powerful, might not be ideal for Arena scoring. However that’s not reason enough to put Eliwood in B tier for example, he’s still very worth it overall.

@Grimleal_of_Plegia thanks for pointing that out :ferdbirb:

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Where is Soren!? :feh_hecmad:

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So this is more prominently AR? If that’s the case then I dunno about a lot of these unit placements to be honest.

RheaRinea in A tier? Azura in A tier? Matthew in B tier? Virion in B tier? Clarisse in B tier? Nowi in C tier? Saizo in C tier?

Are there also any fodder limitations, or is this like the normal GamePress tier list where all dagger units are seen as using Broadleaf Fan and ranked by how well they use that one weapon?

I dunno how to properly state where I think some units should be because I have no clue what is being graded, lol.


Rhea’s in the game? :feh_edelfrown:


Oh crap, oops. I dunno why I put her name there, lmao.

I meant Rinea, :joy:


The A stands for ass


Well, if you think any of those should rank higher or lower feel free to make the suggestion. There isn’t really a fodder limitation, and yes Broadleaf was in fact taken into consideration :feh_vantage: I mean it’s accessible to them after all

@Edward_vyse I can’t upload any more picuteres on Tiermaker :feh_elisad: I guess I would put him in low C tier or high D tier.