Tight caster slot

I put Castoria up but it seems my friends list is avoiding me because her skills are 9/9/9. All because of lore hell.

Maybe I’ll just put Merlin up with a mlb 2030.


I kind of hope some players leave Skadi up. DSS is STILL very good.


Yeah, actually on my alt i’ll keep using Skadi for a long time. My Voyager is still brand new, no way i’m going to bench him so early.


I might put Skadi & bond CE or starbomb in the all slot for event CQs, but you are right, I wouldn’t borrow a Skadi with A CLT, so Summer BB or whoever can just stay there.

Hopefully we’ll get expanded support lists soon, anyway.


Especially for certain niche setups.

The best looping assassin right now is (and I could be wrong) either Ushi or Okita depending on the other resources you have.

Single Target Kama, Okita, and X-A are still beasts.

But beyond that Quick is in trouble. I’ll be keeping Skadi in all with the lunchtime CE for those that need her.


So, I will probably run my Kama with native Skadi only and a mix of supports including one Castoria, possibly two.

Castoria is so damned good that I’ve already been planning how to make her fit into Quick and Buster comps. Part of why I went NP5 for +50% ATK Up and max Append 2.


Wouldn’t MHX be a better choice for Skadi-Castoria mixed comps since she has two arts cards?

Or does it all still come down to the battery?


I could still find Merlins and Wavers with CTT during the Skadi era, so I’m not that concerned that it’s Skadi’s turn to go extinct. I do have a spot or 2 open currently, I might keep an eye for people who failed to get Castoria :fgo_bblaugh:


Battery for less RNG, and Castoria boosts NP Gain with her s2. Kama just an overall stronger Servant, and I like her better. Grailed NP5 favoritism vs. underskilled NP4.


I’m with you there!

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Yeah, Waver and Tamamo are far more endangered. Castoria just walked into their office, informed them that their services were no longer required, and kicked them the fuck out.

Tamamo now applying for a part-time consultant gig while Waver is leaving angry reviews on Yelp.


Without native skadi, I’ll have to see how difficult it becomes to find her regularly if I want to run my quick servants.

But for once I caught the meta caster at the start of their era, not years after, so of course she’s up on support! :feh_flaynfire:

All will probably rotate between merlin and waver as friends need, but still hoping for triple support soon, I still want to display my super Alchemist while still providing the support friends want to borrow


I try to change my support list every once in a while, so any of the servants I like could end up in a slot. I had Murasaki in Caster for the longest 'cause she’s my favorite Caster. Right now my list is filled with Artorias except for Rider. Failed the year 3 pull for Maid so the SurfMordred that I actaully managed to luck pull on the second multi on the AOE bait banner is filling in until Maid’s last banner shows up this coming new year.

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you want to hear about my tight caster slot, you gotta take me out to dinner first


I keep Caster Nero in it part out of spite, and part because I feel good support casters are always there when you need to use em.
But Caster Nero with Aerial Drive can be real neat if you need some anti assassin power with very little setup


Idk I think Waver would screem “FINALLY!” go home and pass out.


don’t forget Melt


I have 2030 Tamamo in my all slot, she’s staying there indefinitely most likely outside of event where right now my event all slot is Bunnytoria.

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Lol I only have 5 Skadi’s left on my FL (Caster Slot), about 11 Tammy’s, 14 Wavers, and literally 1 Merlin.
Most of them are Grailed luckily so I don’t think they’ll be moving anytime soon.

A lot of the others migrated to the All slot.