Tight caster slot

Considering I have an alt to take care of, and I have a merlin and waver on it, I have the option to put my castoria in caster slot and Merlin in all. That way, DCS can have their fun, I can have mine if I need my merlin, but 9.5 times out of ten, I’m farming with Arjuna Alter, since I have my merlin on my alt at a descent skill level (7/1/6), while Castoria is (10/10/8) :fgo_gudako:

I put Castoria in my all slot with a bond up CE and Tamamo in the caster slot with 2030. Checking my friend’s list today gave me a chuckle when Waver is nearly extinct there. Guess the guy can finally get his long overdue vacation.

To be fair while most people joke about how Castoria puts Tammy out of a job she actually takes over far more of Waver’s niche. Tammy still has her stall schtick to fall back on and works great in conjunction with Castoria for that plus she gives the third buff class Castoria will miss out on against most enemies. But Waver? Castoria gives better battery distribution, better defense, better stall and increases team frequency for NPs. The only niche Waver has left is for when you need an attack buff *and crit buff for 3 turns.


Did a count of the major supports on my FL from caster slot to All.






Seems like the one going extinct is Tamamo. Waver for me is surprisingly holding strong.


Tamamo’s stall specialty isn’t really in a better place than Waver’s. The foreseeable future of high-end stall is a shell with Castoria and Merlin, not so much Tamamo.

Where Tamamo can find work more consistently is as a 4th slot support.


Tamamo is still useful in what she’s been useful in for the past few years, irregular nodes. Can amp damage a lot still too if you so desire.

My FL has so many irregular servants in caster slots I don’t even want to count. I just know that servants that aren’t Castoria in Caster slot are not going to be borrowed by me barring a misclick.

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I mean Tamamo is the only one without an on-demand NP battery, so her use is always going to be more niche compared to the rest. But as other folk here talked about she still works as a plugsuit buffer. 30% NP damage up and 50% arts up is still amazing.


I have Caster Artoria on cause she’s new and shiny. Also she has to be in the Caster slot if I’m gonna to do my all Artoria Support, except for Rider cause I failed the GSSR.


-Castoria on Caster
-Skadi on All
I wouldve put Tamamo on All but i gotta help out all 3 people that will still unironically use quick after this week.

But can you imagine the pain had Koyanskaya been a caster too and not assassin?


That implies she hasn’t been mostly MIA on support lists for 2 years :fgo_insane:

I am sticking with skadi on all because 1, I know a friend who is DSSing, and 2, castoria sort of does tamamo, merlin, and waver’s job well enough that normally my friends wouldn’t need them.


I did put Castoria up for the novelty, but PrismaCosmos/Miyu will probably get the normal caster slot back in a while. People should be presented with the opportunity of doing something different instead of finding out about it themselves and then having to ask around for those rarer niche servants.


Going with Green and blue and rangers this time around, as much as it saddens me to temporarily shelf one of my precious lancers. The problem is with the CEs. CLT’s being snobbed nowadays, but I guess some Skadi deperation may nullify it now that near extinction is at hand~

Events get whatever is requested with mostly star bomb/ox king/BCEs of the sort~

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I mean, I’m still keeping my Tamamo up, only bit conflicted on which CE to use for her now, always kept Chaldea Lunchtime on her but now thinking about Bella lisa since arts is the new farming meta and no one uses my Rider Medb, so at least that CE gets use that way


Summer :clap: nero :clap:


So now that we’re officially in the Castoria dominance slot, the real question is, which ascension would you prefer your support Castoria in?




For the most part I’ll try to rotate in a few of the OG supports. Tammy, Waver and some Skadi in there just for the sake of those peeps need them for particular reasons at any time — some are required for particular tactics, stalling mostly, or certain Crit teams (Skadi for Quick of course). If the player wants a Castoria then they should have little trouble finding various ones in their friend list. I don’t see any pressure to put on mine in that way.

I might rotate her in more specifically during lottos or whenever she’s requested with particular CEs, but otherwise I’ll try to keep the limelight on the OGs to improve support accessibility on my list. That’s about all.

You know, that’s what’s up. DPS Caster in here. :fgo_davinci:

I switch my in from time to time.


For the longest time I’ve had Helena with Kscope in my caster slot, even after getting Skadi. She gets a surprising amount of use.

Skadi is staying in All slot, Castoria is moving in to Caster, for now.


I will take my gimped FP income in stride, there’s always the all slot as w- wait


Should never blame anyone for running what they want in whatever slots.

Wanna run CTT on a meta-caster? Go right ahead, picking that 90% of the time anyway for bond farming.

Wanna run Kscope on a Merlin? Solid choice, my stall comps thank you.

Wanna run 2030 on Tamamo? Need some way to get those stars.

Wanna run AD on a Nero or Illya? Hey sometimes the best throwaway Servant for a fight is on your SL, nothing wrong with using them to nuke a wave or breakbar that’s gonna pose a problem for your team.

Nah who we should blame is, as always, Lasagna/DW. I have a diverse range of friends for a reason Lasanga so when I wanna pick that Grailed Illya with DB just let me pick her and don’t make me refresh the page 20 times! Insert that one guy on your SL with an MLB Gold Event Currency CE as needed