Tiki (F) IV

I’m embarking on my first +10 paid project with Fallen Tiki. With such a heavy investment. What IV would be the best? +Res or +Spd?

I saw a +Res in AR top 50, will the res make a difference in tanking reinhearts, ophelias and Dumas. Is the speed worth it for some cut off points to double a lot of characters?

Depends on the build, really

I would personally go +Res but only because I’m waiting for Spd/Res Solo to take advantage of her native buffs. Spd is always good, but she already reaches a good amount where she’ll block all but the fastest units from doubling her - so more bulk is appreciated.

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wanted to slap fortress def / res in A slot or even warding stance 4

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Probably Res. Balance the staline

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Can you show the full build, actually?

It’d help to know everything that you are wanting to do with her, but currently, I’d say res as she has some mixed tanking capabilities

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If you’re going to dump this many orbs on this unit I suggest reading through this

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I had a look, still seems like a tough choice between Spd and Res. I am leaning towards AR offence focus.

What I took from that article was …tiki isnt an omni mega tank.

Arena assault? But we only need high-scoring units for the first round. She does fit well for a first-rounder, but I would choose her IV for a different mode because it’s not that hard to win the first battle in AA.

My bad, i meant AR .

There are ways to make her work if you can figure out other ways to get rid of stuff that she can’t (especially if it’s stuff that gets rid of her), for example, sniping their pre-pulsed glacies on a Naga tome or at least hitting them with a pulse smoke so that she won’t die in one hit and has some chance to make it through the other opponents that hit her.

You sounded like you had already decided that you wanted to max-merge her, but if you haven’t, maybe hold off a bit. There’s talk that Naga is coming as a mythic and that she will enable other members of a team to inflict effective damage against dragons.

thanks you have saved me some orbs, im up to 8 copies of tiki right now. I guess I’ll stop

Ok too late, I have 10 copies now, still torn between +Res or +Spd. The Tikis(F) in top AR have +Spd, one guy has +Res. Is +Spd really worth it