Tiki's Breathing Technique

Had been looking to upgrade my beloved original Tiki when Kurthnaga returned with his very handy guard breath to compliment her kit.


(will be trying to get her Distant Stance and Ire 4 from M!Corrin to run with Steady Breath seal)

She’s got guard, breath effect, follow-up, follow-up blocking and DC. A very good setup apart from the fact she can’t block follow-ups until someone’s attacked and triggered the smoke.

Now Naga’s here with her Serenity Breath which can do that all the time but costs her guard and, as Null-F just got even more common, guard will likely play a good role in keep her alive as anti-guard skills aren’t as prevalent. Yet.

So my options are:

  1. Accept the smoke’s limitations and keep the set that otherwise gives everything I want
  2. Serenity Breath, no guard, keep the rest of her kit
  3. Serenity Breath but give up the breath effect or DC for Sturdy Stance 3 to keep guard

She’s not for any particular mode, I just use my favourites in this game and she most certainly is one so I’m doing my best to keep her usable in PvE. Any thoughts welcome.


If you have already give her the smoke, option 1 would be my choice just because its the cheapest, if you didnt inherited already, i like the third option the most :raised_hands:t2: having DC and breath as seals, you can change her build whenever you need it and you can use the smoke on another unit who cannot access to that weapon.


I vote for this (and choose “get rid of DC”) because quite frankly her res is concerningly low.

I love my mixed phase tanks, but 32 res isn’t doing you any favors, especially with the def focused build you have going for you.
So lean into that; drop the DC, and be a potent melee counter that targets res, which will mess up a lot of other melee units.

Alternatively, change the build around and go with option 1, leaning into more balanced def/res to be a competent omnitank for PvE.


Agree with above.

Tiki with Serenity Breath + Sturdy stance + Dragon’s Ire 4 should make a great red wall.

For the C slot I would not bother with Atk smoke 4. What about Red Feud? Even Atk/Def Oath 3 should do


Atk smoke 4 is pretty good as a melee duelist planning to engage a lot of enemies in one round.

Like, not too much else you could really want there except a joint drive maybe.

It’s not a very competitive slot for this unit.

Time’s pulse could also be pretty decent since it looks like you are using higher CD specials like Aether, and TP would help a lot with that.


That’s three suggesting a melee focus with Serenity Breath and Sturdy Stance as the best option so I’m inclined to go with that. Hopefully find a Naga or two on my Corrin hunt and The Gin Sea limited manual came at just the right time. And as Yberus mention, DC is a seal for her so I can still switch round if needed for a certain mode or battle.

That’s a good point as she’ll be losing the Lightning Breath cooldown penalty making Aether a 5 charge special again. Although having just the -7 Atk from the smoke is still really good for repeated tanking so I’ll see how she plays out before foddering TP as I’ve only got 2 copies to give.

Thank you all for the input.


Yeah I see Time’s Pulse + Bonfire + Steady Breath working nicely :feh_lilithpray:

*Also resplendant Tiki next


That would frankly make my year if we got her.