Time for some fun! (+10 Selkie)

Say hello to my most difficult +10 thus far! Selkie! It has been a long-running project that I have been gradually chipping away at whenever I got the chance, and I finally finished her last week during her rerun.
I typically strive towards maxing out easy-to-acquire characters, such as grail units and promoted 4-star heroes, so I am very happy that after all this time I was finally able to complete my Selkie. Now I just gotta cross my fingers that beast units will be getting weapon refines some point soon…

(I also had enough feathers to finish Black Knight at the same time, so he is crashing the party as well.)



Congrats. She’s one of my favourite Fates characters so love seeing dedication like this to her.

Here’s hoping for a great refine for her.


Congrats! I Love her as a character and I’m sure there are a lot of people here eating their hearts out for your Selkie :heart:.

As a unit I think her magic tanking build might be a bit outdated as a blue cav with low attack. If you allow me this is what I would do with her and why:

+RES instead of +SPD: On this build she will be initiating and she has an impact effect on her weapon. Since her PRF grants more stats the bigger the difference between RES stats she will probably activate it more frequently and get more benefit over the +3 flat spd stat.

Near trace - Not many options, maybe a lull skill. Being able to retreat back to safety is always great.

Def/Res Menace - Now I know this skill is generally the least useful out of the menace skills BUT Selkie uses it great: She buffs her RES and debuffs the enemy to help her activate her PRF and Debuffs her enemy’s DEF to hit harder. It’s a Win-Win

I hope she gets a great refine one day where she becomes a monstruous res tank.


Thank you for sharing this build with me! That is quite a huge improvement compared to my current setup.

I was already thinking of switching out the B-slot for that exact trace skill, since her default is rather situational, but I have yet to land the correct fodder to inherit that. (Y’know… gacha and stuff.)
I had not put much thought into swapping out her A and C, but those other recommended skills would be absolutely killer on her. Cheers!