Time out in pvp (esp UL)

It never bothered me much, but this season time out is a serious issue especially in UL. Faced around 10 opponents with a strategy of thiccccc debuffing mons and trying to save all three mons for the time out win, which they would have easily lost otherwise. The rules seem to prefer mons instead of shields, this is also why it’s a problem. Does anyone have the exact rules for a time out?
Is it mons>shields>HP left? So three mons in the red and no shields left win vs a team of near full health mons w/ 2 shields?
I just faced a Umbreon,bb suicune,blissey and I had 2 shields left and was just about to fire a hyper beam on half health blissey when it said time out and i lost, despite my goon and empoleon still in the green.

Hrmm I don’t have the exact rules but I didn’t think shields mattered.

pokemon > hps is all that I thought it was.

It should calculate in energy as well imo, but doesnt.


Unless I’m mistaken, the number of pokemon remaining is the initial determining factor when time runs out in a match. Shields don’t matter & HP only comes into play if you both have the same amount of pokemon remaining.

If people are using that team or similar teams, there isn’t much to say. People can play how they want, but I don’t see how taking every match to the limit and playing for a timeout is fun. That is more about the rules and overall meta if that strategy is effective.


Weird also that shields don’t matter at all… About HP, i guess it’s the percent remaining what counts? Also, yea, Energy should count in as well. I think it should be complicated as hell to not make this a widely applicable strategy… If people play for timeout then they should fear that they lose that way. Or make it a draw always

If shields mattered this strat wouldn’t work. They could fix it that easily. Or a slight timer extension

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Draws count as losses though… so no thanks :<

I’m not sure if its % or raw hps though. Havent ever figured out.

I will say I enjoy time outs, when they add an extra level of strategy to break up the same-ness of go-league.
For example, the timer starts. My fast move does more damage than yours. Do I keep spamming ?
Do I throw a charge move into your shield just to waste seconds. Whats better those seconds of fast move damage, or clock killing.

I played Pokemon Unite and some of the things in there make me realize how silly some of the rules for GBL are. Unite has a practice mode and standard matches. Ranked matches are separate & you choose to play ranked games or not. GBL doesn’t have a practice mode and whether you see your Elo or not, the match is ranked. Unite doesn’t have a limit on how many battles you can play. Obviously GBL has the 25 matches/5 sets a day limit. Unite even has fair play points. You lose points if you leave the match early or go inactive for a while. In GBL, tanking is still a thing. In a standard match, you gain 150 points for a win and 100 for a loss. In GBL, you lose points for losses. And your swing in points is dependent on the rank of your opponent.

GBL and Unite aren’t for everyone. However I think that if Niantic added even a few of those things to GBL, more people would at least have an open mind towards GBL.

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Not in ranking. There a draw is a draw. No points won or lost. But at least people won’t go for that strategy anymore
And in principle timeouts are fine with me, but exploiting that in such a (imo) bullshit manner, they should change some things

About the hp, it has to be percent, otherwise it would be ridiculously unfair considering the span between e.g. Snorlax and Gengar… I just remember I had a timeout and we were both in the reds. I had a shield left, since then i thought it was the shield. But actually it could have been one percent more HP on my Mon, so…

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Yeah on ELO ranking draws are draws, I’m more talking the sets of 5 rewards and on leveling to 20
A draw = a non win = same as a loss

As for % vs Raw, even Gengar vs Snorlax is fair if its raw just because their both CP capped so your trading off less damage vs more hps for ties. That gengar’s SC are going to be cutting down the opposing pokemon’s hps faster than Snorlax’s licks.

Ah, ok, I thought you mean the HP left at the end to decide whether it’s loss or win. I mean, raw HP would be 50 for Snorlax (in the red), but Gengar left with 50 would be about half left. So the latter should be the winner
Or better another example, since this is dependent much on the fast moves: swampert vs cress.

I did mean that.

What I am saying is that I have never run into an example like a Yellow Gengar losing to a Red Snorlax where I knew for sure the declared winner had more hps left not just higher percentage (or declared loser had less)

Same with Swamp/Cress example, I’ve never run into a time out with that scenerio where I could tell the Swamperts % was slightly higher than Cress, but Cress won.

Usually all my time outs have been 2 low pokemon with similiar % say 5 vs 7, where I don’t know the math well enough to know who had more raw hps left

Who in the end would’ve one is another thing, I would either separate that completely or indeed account energy and shields in. By percent. Otherwise we are in the moves again.
Oh and a yellow Gengar of course loses to a red Snorlax cause of the typing ;)