Time to go finish the Sinnoh Thro- EXCUSE ME!?

So, I did the Sinnoh Throwback and I complained that, in all of these quests and Throwbacks, not a single Pokemon I found was shiny! (Hell, NONE of the Seedot on its Community Day that I found, were shiny!)

I complained secretly that there weren’t any shiny Pokemon, until…

I’m sorry, WHAT!? (And I was having an awful morning! This was nice to see :3)


Gratz! Is the only legendary with Registeel i havent shiny. Beautiful!

But how you havent found any shiny Seedots? Had no incense to use?

Niiiiiiiice, been wanting that shiny :ok_hand:t2:

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I used incense to find one, and… No luck.

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Nice! :D I was going through my friends list sending gifts when I saw that. I figured you’d post it here xD

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Real quick, what’s your in game name, so I don’t forget you, while sending out gifts for the day?

Congrats on that beauty!!!

So you see never give up some day you will have great things happen to you :wink:

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MemesPokken, I send gifts every day (when sanely possible) XD