Time's Pulse on Shamir

So, I summoned Shamir out of a ticket with +res/-HP IVs. She is pretty much the best green bow I currently have, so I want to make a great use of her. Her base kit seems pretty much perfect, but I’m less interested in C-Slot skills that buffs you, since I’m already using buffing skills on my support units. I have another Sothis for fodder, so I came up with Time’s Pulse. She has only 1 CD for Moonbow, so she will have her special charged every turn.
Is it worth to fodder it to her?
Thanks for all the help!

I also have lull spd def, but I think her NFU would be much more helpful.


I would say, imo, if you have the fodder and you don’t mind giving it to Shamir/investing in her, then I would say go for it


I don’t really mind giving a fodder unit I’m not using to someone that will make a great use of it. But, are there any other good options to give TP to?


I can’t really say because I have no units with TP so I can’t really tell you, sorry


Im pretty sure TP is one of the best things you can give her
-1 CD on her weap + -1 CD on TP = Insta Moonbow every turn normally


Shamir is basically Shinon but green (and generally more Player Phase oriented), so yes, Time’s Pulse is fantastic on her. Since her Prf has a Slaying effect she can instantly charge Moonbow or Glimmer with Time’s Pulse. Or she can run Luna or Deadeye and proc it on her double since most foes won’t be able to counterattack her.


Yeah Time’s Pulse is great! Though I would recommend a Shinon to fodder it to her so she can get Deadeye at the same time, just so she can stop any DR effects from whenever if charges.