Tip for catching Shiny Ledyba

  1. Save a snapshot of an old Leekduck “Ditto Disguise” page rather than a link that updates
    -It is imperative that you save a SNAPSHOT, not a link to the actual page. You do this by accident, because if you do it intentionally it doesn’t work.

  2. Get yourself a “Catch a Ditto” quest for 3 Rare candies
    -These quests come up most often during events where no species in which Ditto disguises itself will spawn.

  3. Check that Snapshot of the Leekduck page, see that Ledyba is one of the Pokemon on the page.
    -At this point you get to think “Huh, I guess Ledyba ISN’T Shiny after all.” and wonder if it was just a fan-art you saw, or some other fan wishing for a Ledyba shiny because Bidoof is too common a meme. It is also imperative at this point that you DO NOT GOOGLE Shiny Ledyba in Pokemon Go. Just go with the idea that Shiny Ledyba isn’t out yet because your Snapshot of Leekduck says Ledyba is a Pokemon where you can find Ditto, and Leekduck is one of the most trustworthy Pokemon Go sites out there.

  4. Go catch every Ledyba you can possibly find in the hopes of catching a Ditto because you just can’t let 3 Rare Candies go even though you really have nothing to spend those candies on AND your bag is always pretty much full.
    -It is imperative that you do stupid things while on this quest, like getting off your bus at an earlier stop because 3 Ledyba spawned and you can’t catch all 3 before the bus leaves.

  5. Catch a Shiny Ledyba. Yay!
    -Congratulations! You now have a Shiny Ledyba.

(…now to figure out how to finally catch a fecking DITTO when only 2 of the 8 species that Ditto is currently hiding in are actually spawning in my area…)


I love stuff like that, not so much when it’s me, but sharing the pain guarantees we’ve all done something similar.

Can’t remember the last time I hand caught a ditto, my gotcha seems to attract them though.

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My god, it works! It actually works! Now if you could just share your secrets with me for all the other elusive shinies out there, that’d be great. :rofl: