Tips For Impatient People Who Spastically Spend SQ

This guy gets it!


Hire a rider!


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I’m specifically talking about jp only servants that don’t have any placement or analysis yet. I just look at the np and skills and use my own judgment. I’m well aware of the subjectivity of the tier and don’t rely on it anymore

This thread is blatant slander for summer BB’s first ascension.

I just can’t get into her. beat

Really, the mixed messages confuse me. Is she a 90s Sports Illustrated model? Is she a stage magician? Wtf is going on?


Of course I do, my good sir. BB is absolutely good civ.

But looking at your posts hurts me deeply, not having Nero and deciding to roll for her in January kills me… Its only a matter of time for Umu to bless my Chaldea :fgo_umu:

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Oh, I actually got her in 12 tickets. I am considering rolling for NP2 in January, if I am not homeless by then.

EDIT: Oh, yeah, I guess I never posted that in the actual roll thread, just the Nero VA appreciation thread that broke my will.


I also kind of enjoy being forced to use the good servants I normally wouldn’t like or think about. Fell in love with Beserkstein after I got her and now I’m double in love now that I have Frankensaber too. That goes for Arjuna as well. I remember not liking him in Fate Xtella Link or whatever it was called. Never played as him and mostly ignored him. But then I rolled him by chance and slowly grew really attached.

Also, Berserker Of El Dorito is my waifu. BEST PULL EVER.

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My tips is not grabbing all the SQ and tickets from present box. Just grab what you need.

Just focus on the banner you really want to roll on.

It’s easy for me to hoard cause my luck is Triple E rank fo r 2 years. I pretty need 800+ Sq to get 4* or 5*

By this point, I’m salt incarnate.

Don’t go on roll threads. Keep all your SQ in the box and as fragments. Don’t even roll friend points if you feel the itch to roll. When summer bb comes out I’m not rolling fp so I don’t get baited by her.

My tip is to find a job that works 12 hours/day.

Once you can only do the dailies just to clear natural APs and do all events on natural APs only (no apple), you won’t find the impulse to roll.

You can’t escape her baiting, she’s a master at it.

(Yes, I am thirteen years old, thank you)

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I concur with most of the posts here on planning what you want to spend your SQ on ahead of time. Though, if there is a long wait before my planned banner Servant I will spend some SQ on a servant I really like that wasnt in the plan. But, i will set a limit and not go over it. That is how I got Ivan this year. Was saving up for a shot at Jack and spent minimal SQ to try for Ivan. Behold he arrived on my third 10 roll, if I didn’t get him oh well.

But… Waver is in general pool. So all banners other than FP is going to interest you

My way of saving is to get turned off by the horrendous hell of dragon fang I need to grind for 90% of the servants that can potentially spook me.

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Presumably, that was referring to solo or shared (ideally solo), banners. That’s just my read on what people tend to mean by that though. (Still glad I never had to aim for him and got Waver off-banner, even if instead of another favorite at the time, lol.)

As others have said, I use the calendars to plan ahead but also supplement my urges with a secondary dummy account that has a YOLO philosophy with rolling.

It gives me an outlet to spend SQ on tempting banners whilst keeping my main safe from unnecessary expenses of SQ. It helps that the alt has terrible luck, which only discourages me further from rolling.

Guys, obviously the best way to save SQ is to uninstall the game, then wait a year until it amasses apologems. Only installing an logging in once a month to buy monthly tickets or when there’s free SQ campaigns. This sounds bad because it’s basically skipping events but if you’re literally spasming then zero SQ gained is better than continuously leaking SQ off your backside.

To give a serious, direct response to the topic at hand:

1: Plan ahead. That is to say, deeply familiarize myself with who is coming up in 2 years, roughly in which order. Don’t be surprised.

2: Get a precise understanding of your SQ by the time of your banner.

3: Deeply internalize the SR/SSR rates.

4: Figure out if you really want that Servant or just are going ooh shiny.

5: Remember that no SQ is ever a guarantee, the only guarantees are the Guaranteed SRs we get yearly, and the still chance-based GSSRs/Lucky Bags.

6: Look into what sort of comps I want to run in the future. Does [Servant] add to that? Do I care?

7: Look at my roster. Does [Servant] add something meaningful that I might otherwise be lacking, or is otherwise functionally “replaceable” with another? Do I care?

8: Is this a Servant I can functionally borrow from a friend, and be content with? (Absolutely happened.)

9: Is this a love pick? Utility pick? Both, neither, and how much do I care about the answer to that?

10: Is, e.g. 300 SQ or 420 SQ (see 3), or [Insert Number Here], worth rolling for X instead of Y even if I do not get them? (As a corollary, remember roughly how long it takes to get that much.)

11: is this likely spurred on by salt? Remember: Superstitions are superstitions; they have no bearing on rolls, only feelings, from Super Successes to getting 1+ Rs in an FP 10x, and so forth. Is this likely spurred on by wanting the shiny stuff others have, or own desires? If former, return to 8. If latter, 6/7/9/10.

12: If feeling impulsive at all, perhaps step away from the gacha and look at non-gacha things.

13: Remember, the Summon Sim is fun (for me anyway, Idk why some of y’all torture yourselves with it though), but just as random as the gacha itself. You can get them on the first multi (or even 2+!), or go over 1000 and not get a single one!

14: Each roll is independent of prior rolls. You can go bad luck -> good -> bad, good -> good -> good, bad -> bad -> bad, so forth. Each roll has no bearing on future rolls, nor, unfortunately, does X amount put in mean you will get Y Servant. You will only guaranteed get them home, if you can force them home. This relates to impulsivity, so see 5/10/12/13.

15: Keep either or both of your SQ/ST in the Present Box, and/or don’t instantly collect your fragments so you have a “cushion” of sorts. (I don’t personally find this helpful, some do.)


Easy, don’t do it, live aynthe limit, roll till your heart is content